spooje does a happy dance

spooje just got a raise! My third in 10 months! It’s all hush-hush(co-workers might get jealous) but I can hardly contain myself. Is this a cool company or what???
I know. So what. But I just had to share it. :smiley:


Drinks and munchies are on spooje!
Whaaa, you expect us to celebrate on an empty stomach?!

Third? Chiesiu, I haven’t had one since the company merger a year and a half ago, and 9 people have left since then.

But I am happy for you. Wohoo!


And screech-owl, we at the SDMB appreciate your merits, even if your employer does not.

I hearby present you with an honarary

----:p/ x o x o x

I really would give you a raise, screech-owl, I hope you didn’t mind the little teasing. Around this area, it is supposed to be an employee’s market but people are still under-appreciated. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if everyone took a little more time to appreciate each other? I think office and workplace efficiency would improve also.

I’ll be leaving soon for yet another panel interview.

spooje, what kind of job do you do?

Don’t worry about it Spider Woman, teasing is fine. And I like the raise. Eventually, I’ll get mine that was promised before the merger.
Good luck on the interview!

And a second Wohooo and a Yeehaw to spooje!

Thank you Screech-owl and Spider Woman!

I work on the User Help Desk at a data processing company. We were bought by an Arkansas company a year and half ago. This company seems very employee friendly. 4 months ago they started an incentive plan. Everybody would get some money if the company, as a whole, met certain financial goals. I thought they were blowing smoke, like the old company did, until I got a check. :eek: It was only a couple of hundred dollars, but I wasn’t expecting anything. Hell, this company offers Pet Insurance in it’s benefits package. Kewl!

Good luck on that interview Spider Woman! I know you’ll knock 'em dead!