Sports trivia questions..

Who is the only professional baseball player to hit 50 homeruns with less than 50 strikeouts?
Who is the only active baseball player to hit a homerun in every major league park?

Here’s an easy one…

What is the longest running “sporting” event in the US?


uh, since it’s today, the Derby?

Two out of thre ain’t bad.

Johnny Mize in 1947 hit 51 homeruns with 42 strikeouts.

Yes The Derby, 126th…

Well done!

I believe Ricky Henderson is the only player to hit a homerun in all the current MLB stadiums.

I’m going to have to say Ellis Burks for the only active player to have HR in all current MLB stadiums.

Certainly, he’s the record-holder for stadiums homered in, with, I believe, 40.

Here’s baseball trivia for you.

Who was on deck when the “Pine Tar Incident” occured?
How long was he on deck, or when was that game finished?
Hint: He’s still involved in baseball.
He’s got to be the most patient man in baseball, if only for this incident!!

Hal McRae was on deck.
Fred MacGriff is the only active player to hit a homerun in every major league stadium.

Correct! Hal McRae was on deck and he finally got up to bat almost 4 weeks later when they finished the game.

Hal McRae is currently the manager of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, or just the Rays as they have been called lately.

I’ll drag this one out again:

Who is the only player who had the highest batting average in the league, and who qualified for the batting title, but who didn’t win it?

What player played in four separate decades but is not credited with playing in four separate decades?

Who caught Brett Farve’s first pass as a Packer?

Ans: Brett Farve

Nap Lajoie?

Is that from when Willie McGee got traded from St. Louis to Oakland late in the year and won the NL batting title despite finishing up in the AL?

I think another Oakland player almost won the AL title that year so they almost had 2 batting champs on the team.

Who was the only major leaguer to be traded for himself?

Harry Chiti

Well, there are a couple of cases where the batting title is disputed, but I was thinking of the player who actually and undisputably won the batting title according to the rules of the time, but who was never credited with that feat.

There were some years they were kinda flexible on the required ABs… think a HOF player got screwed once - Foxx?

Is the other Minosos - maybe 5 decades?