Sports you started following as adults

Most of us tend to follow sports and teams that we started following in the childhood, teenage, or college years. Have any of you started following a sport in your adult years, and for what reasons?

Curling. Love it. I wait with trembling anticipation for every Winter Olympics and DVR every match I can.

I got put onto NFL by a friend who started playing it in a local amateur competition. I now think it’s one of the great TV sports. Unfortunately the one live pro game I’ve been to was the single most boring sporting experience of my life (and I’ve seen several 5-day cricket test matches in toto), the action never went for even 2 minutes in a row, and an hour of play took 4 hours to sit through.

That said, the US college football games I’ve been to have been as exciting as anything I’ve ever watched.


I never paid much attention to it, even as my oldest daughter started playing. As she got older, she kept moving up in class, and her coaches became more and more professional. She progressed to the highest level of youth soccer, and suddenly the drills they were doing every day in practice made sense, and the movement on the pitch went from a scrum to a chess match in my eyes.

Now I love to watch it on TV, even though I don’t have a favorite team. I also go to four or five MLS games a year.

Tennis, football and basketball, in that order.

Never really paid attention to any of these sports until the last four years or so. Still not super into football or basketball and follow tennis with more interest than the other two combined.


Living in Chicago it was never on TV and my Dad was a huge football fan so we had no exposure to it, we followed the Bears.

Hockey. The hockey scene was non-existent in my part of Florida (except the one time the Panthers went to the Stanley Cup and got swept), so why bother? Then in college hockey was a big deal, so I started paying attention so I could follow along. Although my motivation is mostly to follow college hockey, not the NHL. I haven’t become attached to a particular NHL team yet, although I might passively root for the Devils.

Baseball. My father always thought sports were stupid, and all games, but that doesn’t stop him from playing cutthroat chess (I always win, and so does my mother against him, but I beat her easily and I suck at chess – conclusion: my dad sucks, despite being a pretty much bury-the-needle IQ type) or bridge, and listening to games from his alma mater, U of O, in college football. Only a few acquaintances of mine really know about baseball, so I just picked it up a few years ago as a spectator sport for kicks and by talking about it with some oilder coworkers, who also gave me the rundown on basketball (big-league stuff, including history, like why big dudes can dominate and what the different forwards are for). I don’t follow football, but I can now watch a game and appreciate it, starting when I was maybe 33, a few years ago.

I played varsity tennis in HS, just as an excuse to get high on weed with friends and fuck around, but in my thirties I began to get deeper into the sport at the highest levels as a spectator. I still hope Sharapova gets back on top, and not just because she’s a major hottie – her style of play resembles the way I try to play sports (even though I fail miserably). Take no prisoners, go for it hard, keep the intensity high. Come to think of it, that’s the way I play music – fuck it, just play like your momma just died or your gram got resurrected, but go hard as you can and don’t think about stupid crap once you commit to a tune.

If pool’s a sport, I didn’t appreciate the game until I began hanging in pool halls in Buffalo (back when there were real pool halls, climb the stairs and play on the big tables, pay by hour) – I’m a pretty big fanatic now, even though I don’t see important tournaments since they aren’t televised. Earl Strickland is the man!

Soccer. It just wasn’t on tv very much (at all?) when I was a kid. Lots of my friends played it, but other than the World Cup in '94 and '98, I don’t remember seeing a game on tv until the US qualifiers for the '02 WC. Frankly, I don’t know how any American could really follow it prior to the internet boom and DirecTV, digital cable, etc. Now I watch it more than I ever watched any sport except college football, which I still love.

Lacrosse. I realized after watching it once that it’s basically hockey on grass, and I’m a huge hockey fan who needed a warm weather fix. I’m not attached to any team in particular, and I’ll watch college or pro.

Golf. It’s a career thing.

Hockey. Moved to an area with a team, co-worker had season tickets that he’d occasionally offer up. Eventually bought a few tickets on my on, now I’m in my third season as a season ticket holder.

Soccer for me too. Started actually being awake on Saturday mornings and watching EPL matches.


Men’s professional golf. I always enjoyed watching the Masters every year, but didn’t pay much attention otherwise. Then in 1997, when I was in my 30’s, this guy named Eldrick turned pro, and that was it for me. For a while I was following the entire tour, knew every tournament and most of the players. Since the revamping of the schedule I haven’t been following as closely, but I still watch the entire weekend of each major. Golf appeals to me because baseball is a little too fast for my taste. I like a sloooow sport. :slight_smile:

Soccer. I was visiting Germany around '95 when my relatives made me watch a Bayern Munich game against my will. By the end of it I was hooked and went to find a Klinsmann jersey.

Now with its availability it’s become my favorite sport, to the point where I’m thinking seriously about going to WC 2014.

College and pro football. My circle of friends changed after high school to a group who liked football, and I got into it. I’d been into baseball and basketball before, but haven’t really watched either in years.

Box lacrosse. A number of years ago, I was given a couple free tickets to see the Calgary Roughnecks playing a regular season NLL game. Although I barely knew the rules when we sat down (essentially a cross between hockey and basketball, but with a lot more violence), I was completely hooked by the end of that game. We now try to get out to 3 or so games a season – it is the only sport my wife really enjoys coming to watch. As a sports junkie who has seen just about everything under the sun, I consider indoor lacrosse to be the most entertaining spectator sport ever devised.