Since the present commander-in-chief has never attended any Army/Navy football games, nor witnessed a Super Bowl or World Series, I was wondering what kind of a sportsman he is. Did he participate in any sports as a young man or doing his college career?
P.S. Trying to invade the woman’s locker room at the World Cup does not count.

Since he served no time in the armed forces, why would he care who won the army-navy game.
The president is a very busy man. He has a very difficult job. To provide a little private time for himself with? he must utilize the time when most people are involved with super-bowl watching etc. to live up to his reputation. And as far as whether or not he is a sportsman requires a more detailed explanation of what you mean by sportsman.

He seems to spend a lot of time on the golf course. Don’t know how much of a hunter or fisherman he is though.

Clinton plays golf in his spare time. He doesn’t seem to be overly interested in pro sports (not surprising, I suppose – when he was growing up, the nearest pro team was in St. Louis until 1960).

So we have a president who’s not a sports fan <gasp>. I guess no one noticed that particular clause in the constitution.

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Clinton has showed up at several baseball season openers (usually in Baltimore).
He is a big basketball fan, especially college basketball. He attended the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament back in 1994 when Arkansas defeated Duke.

I believe he also knew well enough to hitch his wagon to the Women’s World Cup squad.

In the Dallas Morning News yesterday they said that Clinton may go to the Cotton Bowl to watch the Razorbacks.