Spot the outlier -- silly game

Your task is twofold:

  1. Identify the member of the following group that is the least best fit
  2. Post another group (at least three members) with an outlier

First batch:

Jerome Kern

If you care to, tell us why he/she is a bad fit with the others.


Another sample batch for where this thread might go:

Maurice Chevalier
Boris Yeltsin
Justin Bieber

Eminem, because unlike the two songwriters, he has actually been in my kitchen.

Maurice Chevalier never got arrested for drunk driving.

Here’s my (rather sad) contribution:

  1. Cocaine
  2. Heroin
  3. Oxycontin

Cocaine. The other two are derived from the poppy.

Brian Cowen
Bertie Ahern
Enda Kenny

Enda Kenny is the only one still in office.

I may have posted these before, but I’ll let a new group take a crack at them.

George Lazenby
Pope Pius XII
Conan O’Brien
Benjamin Harrison
Ferdinand Magellan
Phileas Fogg
Amelia Earhart
John Glenn
Charlie Chaplin
Harpo Marx
Marcel Marceau
Kevin Smith

Not sure on this one but are you going for Magellan being the outlier, as he didn’t actually complete a circumnavigation of the globe (he died halfway through the first expedition generally credited with doing so)? I won’t set another as there are few others as yet unsolved.

Not quiet the answer I was looking for. Earhart also did not complete her attempted circumnavigation.

But you’re on the right track. It does have to do with their attempts to travel around the world, but one of them went about it a different way.

As if I’d make it that easy. Fine, replace Kenny with John Bruton.

Bertie Ahern was the only one I’d even heard of. Wikipedia is my friend.

Well, John Glenn was the only person to attempt it outside the Earth’s atmosphere - is that what you’re shooting for?

Kevin Smith is the only one who can’t fit in an airplane / train seat.

Um, I’ll try…
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachman
Christine O’Donnell

I can see Phileas Fogg for two reasons. He’s fictional, and he is the only one who used ground transportation. Magellan on a boat, Earhat in a plane, and Glenn in a space ship.

That is the problem with this type of quiz. There are plenty of thing that differentiate one from another.

Ferdinand Magellan – the only one who was Portuguese, who didn’t speak English, only one to use a single sailing ship.
Phileas Fogg – Fictional, English, traveled by train, traveled by balloon, stopped in India, etc.
Amelia Earhart – Female, only one to use an airplane, only one to have vanished en route
John Glenn – only one to go out of the atmosphere, only one who was bald, only one who went on to become a U.S. senator.

Questions like this have to be chosen very carefully.

Since no one is going to get this one.

Ferdinand Magellan – the only one to travel east-to-west.

He literally went about (around) it a different way.

Pope Pius XII.
The other three were preceded and succeeded by the same person - Lazenby played James Bond between 2 Connery Films (You Only Live Twice & Diamonds Are Forever); Conan O’Brian hosted the Tonight Show between Leno’s two stints, and Harrison was POTUS between Grover Cleveland’s 2 non-consecutive terms.

Kevin Smith - The other 3 are famous for silent comedy, Smith is famous for his verbose dialog. Also, the other 3 are funny.

Only Christine O’Donnell turned me into a newt.

Yes! You’re the first person who’s ever gotten this right. Well done.

When I first thought of this question, it was Hugh Downs instead of Conan O’Brien. Downs hosted the Tonight Show when Jack Parr walked off in protest when a joke was censored, then returned after a month.
I’ve posted it before. You didn’t look it up, did you?

Not what I had in mind. Although it does have to do with verbosity, or lack thereof.

I suppose it is a Silent Bob thing but can’t quite put my finger on it. Silent Bob has spoken on film, the others have not?

Says You does this game from time to time.

Byron White
Larry Csonka
Tony Dorsett
O.J. Simpson

Byron White. The only one in the college football Hall of Fame and NOT in the NFL Hall of Fame.