Spot The Shopped Image - Not Easy!

I got 53% correct.

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Is 50% bad?

too bad we couldn’t see the original next to the photoshopped after taking the quiz. That would have been cool.

I’ve got 47%, mostly by accident I’m thinking, so I suppose that tells us on average reality is just as strange as fiction and vice versa.

63%. I think I will print out the answers and compare them to see which ones I got wrong.

60%. Harder than I thought. I totally missed the wienermobile, or I would have had one more right.

57 % right. Not much better then chance, and I actually cheated a bit because I knew a few of those pictures from other sites. Like this one at cracked:
Images you won’t believe aren’t photoshopped.

I got the wiener mobile one, because my husband is in the picture! He drives the big, slime lime thing in the foreground.

60% - I didn’t really look at the pics, but if it looked as if it could be used as a marketing pic, I chose “shopped”.

I didn’t really try and got 73% (22/30) using the “truth is stranger than fiction” principle. :slight_smile:

Same as Mindfield, 73 %.

I got exactly the same result, using (I think) the same principle. If the photo looked fairly ordinary I assumed it was faked, and if it looked fantastic or impossible I assumed it was real.

67%…2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

I got 63% (19 out of 30 correct) by choosing “Photoshopped” for every image that looked natural to me.

73% If Photoshop is used in the right way at the right time, you shouldn’t be able to tell. If someone takes out a car in the background of a picture, the focal item in the picture may remain untouched, but the image is still “shopped”. People are scary good with PS these days.

I got 63% but I didn’t really examine the pictures in detail. I just used psychology to try to figure out what the quiz wanted me to answer and then re-think it.

63%. I think I would have done better if I could have blown some of them up more than they allowed.

Huh, looks like I have the high score so far: 80%! :smiley:

Honestly, though, I think it was mostly luck. Most of the photos were so tiny it would be difficult to actually identify anything but the most obvious fakes (which a few of them admittedly were). On a lot of the questions I basically guessed.

Hmmm…I would have done better if they hadn’t conflated “rendered” with “Photoshopped”.


But some of their “Professional photographs” I’m willing to bet were enhanced in Photoshop.

I got 63%, and part of it was that I had already seen a few of the pictures either debunked or confirmed on Snopes, or shown as examples of the capabilities of good Photoshop artists.