Spread Out, You Mooks!

Hey, a great pair of tits can easily distract anyone. And I second Rufus’s cite request.

Maybe, if they were exhibitionists.

Yes… your… ah, popcorn. I’ll be happy to hold your “popcorn”.

waxing pervoquent today

And I made a new word.

I wonder what depravity I’d be suggesting if I asked you to hold my Junior Mints!

Just don’t ask a stranger to hold your Milk Duds.

Hey, now, I don’t go in for that kinda stuff.


Around here, it really depends which cinema you go to.

If you go to the suburban chain cinemas (Loews, AMC, etc.) it’s almost guaranteed that there will be people talking during the movie, especially during the quiet or “romantic” parts, when stupid people feel the need to compensate for their discomfort or short attention span by making wisecracks at the screen.

If you go to the local independent cinemas, which tend to show smaller films rather than the Hollywood summer blockbusters, it’s generally quiet once the previews start.

As for the OP, i just want to say that i completely disagree about the parking lot. It’s a PARKING LOT, ferchissakes, and people generally park as close as possible to the store entrance. It’s not like someone is disturbing you by parking their car in the marked bay next to yours.

On a tangential note, my wife and i went shopping a couple of weeks ago. The parking lot was quite (but not completely) full and some moron had decided to park diagonally across two spaces, presumably to protect the precious paintjob on his/her new, tricked-out four-cylinder econobox. If the parking lot hadn’t been pretty full already, we would have parked our 15 year old Volvo diagonally and 6 inches from the idiot’s driver’s door, just to teach him/her that selfishness sometimes comes back to bite you on the ass.

The point being that if there are, let’s say, four spots next to a building. I am parked in the rightmost spot, the rest are empty, and you drive up - assuming the door is right in front of the parking (between spots #2 and #3) smart people would pick #1 or #2 - it reduces the risk of someone’s door scratching someone else’s paint, and the risk of someone parking so close to the line of their space that it’s difficult for you to maneuver out again.

However, that said, I almost never take the spots nearest the door. I park back away from the door for the very reason that most people are lazy and want to walk 10 feet less. I do this on purpose so I don’t come back out to find my vehicle boxed in on three sides by morons who’ve edged in to the very limits of their spaces and hindering my ability to get out.

And it STILL happens sometimes.

good point. I also avoid matinees like the plague. There’s always a scuffle when the bits come out as parents who should not have brought their children search for a napkin to cover their innocent’s eyes with.

ditto on the parking bit. I have never felt that a car parked in the spot next to my car is invasive.

oh and I’ll take some junior mints :wink:

Hey, you want to chow down on insect don’t let me stop ya.

eh I’ve eaten worse