Spring-Clean your brain. What to get rid of.

If I could remove memories from my brain I’d get rid of all the memories of playing Half-Life 1,2, the episodes, and Portal so that I could play them all again as if for the first time.

I’d remove the following but leave a note to the effect “Don’t click on these, they are bad. Don’t even click on them out of curiosity. You’ll wish you didn’t”

The fingers with mouths.
Two girls one cup.

I’d seek out all embarrasing memories and remove.

What would you get rid of?

OK I was sure this would get some replies.

Okay, since you want some replies, this one’s marginal.

I wish I never saw the photo of McCain and Obama that look like they’re making out.

I’m going to have to google a few of those from the OP when I get home…

There are a few occasions in my life when I’ve put my foot in my mouth that I’d like to permanantly erase from my memory.

I heard this story on the radio news last week. I think it’s the only time I’ll ever need to Google “Iowa bat coffee”.

I check my filter every time now. I don’t remember every being more creeped out by a story. What makes it even worse is that one of the websites I looked at had it listed under “Food News”. :eek:

There are some times I got really drunk that I’d like to erase from my friends’ memories.

Let’s see.

Little Shop of Horrors.
X Men 3.

Many other have been successfully repressed, but those still linger.
I once read an article, with pictures, about the violence going on in and around Africa. One of the pics was of a baby that had had it’s hands cut off. I’d really like to have not seen that.

I was doing a crossword puzzle a couple days ago and the clue was “Good Times’ Esther _____” . I was able to answer it without missing a beat. That was a low point since I can’t remember things like chemistry and geometry while helping the daughter with homework.

Will & Grace

That abhorrent corn/pea casserole my mother used to make that I vomited up one day so violently that for a full year, I couldn’t even look at my friend’s house because it was green with yellow shutters.

The time I had to clean out an ex-employees locker and found Big Woman porn magazines with (there’s no way to sugarcoat this) obvious stains.

The time I was sitting at a bar with a friend, and a woman came up behind me and just started massaging my shoulders. Then she leaned around and started to reach for the Monster. And I turned and saw a woman with three teeth.

Really, if I can get all that out, I’ll be good.

That photoshopped picture of a honeycomb boob rash… ~shudder~
I’m not telling where to find it, just to save the few souls who’ve been lucky enough to avoid it.

That’s what I’m refering to when I say ‘Lotus Boob’ because what it actually is is a lotus flower photoshopped onto a boob in such an expert way that it looks like a horrible infection with larvae in holes.

Yeah, a third vote for that photoshopped boob. I get nauseous just reading this thread. Damn you for reminding me.

I’d like an extra-large bucket of brain bleach to help remove the lingering memories of the last 8 years of maladministration, lies and blunders.

Goatse? yeah, that gets removed as well.:eek:

Google-image searching “Meg Griffin” with SafeSearch turned off…really, really not a good idea. That was a definite “why, God, why?” moment.

That thread from yesterday about “The Warrior” being the quintessential 80’s song. It’s been playing in my head for 2 days now. :mad:

Throw in all the lyrics from all the bad 80’s songs that are still cluttering up my brain. I could use that memory space for more productive purposes, thank you very much.


Which I watched it for the 1st (and last time) Monday night. A DVD holds what, about 8Gb of data. Even though my conscious mind has suppressed a good portion of the filth I witnessed, there’s gotta be at least a Gb’s worth of info I’d gladly drop and drag over to the recycle bin.

Sexually explicit pix of my Mom & Dad that I found when I was about 5.

When my Dad told me about seeing a young boy walking home, sobbing his heartbroken eyes out, carrying his dead puppy, who had been hit by a car.

Damn it! I’m totally crying, now. Why in God’s name did he have to tell me about that. I’ll bet you millions that he doesn’t even remember it and wouldn’t even if I reminded him.

I already loose to much to quick turns and sudden stops. I don’t need to get rid of any more. I think I’ll just rummage through your cast offs to see if anythings usable. I see it’s not. Oh well.

Wait I have something to lose. Here it goes. I have a book of songs collected in the early 19th century. It was sold by the Wisconsin Historical Society. One song was collected from an old man. The First Noel. He sings oh well the whole refrain instead of noel. They should have titled it The First Oh Well.