Squeaky shoes?

I have this recurring problem with tennis shoes. If I wear them long enough, they always develop a squeak. Expensive shoes, cheap shoes, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had 15 dollar Payless shoes do it, and my 60 dollar Nikes that I’ve had since Christmas do it now. It’s not a cute little squeak squeak. Nope, it’s very loud and obnoxious. I went somewhere to put in an application the other day, and I walked on my tiptoes so they wouldn’t squeak, and then ran to Old Navy to get myself a cheap pair of flipflops.

Why me, guys? Why does this happen?

Is this a squeak regardless of the surface you are walking on? My shoes squeak a lot whilst walking down certain corridors at university but the same is true for most people. Are you saying yours squeak when you are walking on the pavement?

Pavement, yes. Even carpet, but not to as great an extent.

I read an explanation of this somewhere but I can’t find it. One reason for this is that there is glue or something binding the rubber surfaces. If you get your shoes solidly wet, or sweat too much, or wash them in the washing machine, you can screw this bond up, and you end up with rubber on rubber, which squeaks. And is unfixable.

The bonding agent between the layers of rubber on the soul can break down. You are probably hearing two layers of rubber rubbing against one another. My shoes are starting do this.

The last pair of everyday shoes of mine did the same thing after about 6 months of wear. Otherwise, they were still in great shape. Fortunately I had bought them at REI. REI took them back and I exchanged for brand new ones no questions asked. :slight_smile: