Why does my shoe 'click'??

I have a pair of New Balance running shoes that are super comfy, but one of the shoes ‘clicks’ as I’m walking.

No, there is no tack in the sole, there is no apparent defect in the shoe itself, and it’s not the laces whacking the side of the shoe either.

It’s driving me nuts…HELP!!! :confused:

I had shoes that would do that on vinyl floors. It turned out that part of the sole was acting as a suction cup. I cut a tiny piece of the tread off and that fixed it.

When you find the spot, sanding or filing it lightly might do the trick. I got rid of a pesky squeak in some crosstrainers that way.

My NB shoes do this too! But I’m walking, and it’s more of a “thwack.” I think in my case it has to do with the shoe being slightly too large and suction.

I think mine are click-y because the adhesive that holds the sole to the bottom of the shoe is deteriorating. There must be air pockets forming that make the click with each step. After 10,000+ clicks a day, ya’ get a little twitchy. :rolleyes:

I’ve worn NB shoes for years and love the brand. In my experience when you hear that click, there is a failure occurring. I hear a click in older worn out shoes I keep for mowing and yard work, and unfortunately my last new pair starting clicking early on and before they were 6 months old I had part of the sole come loose. There was nothing apparent until it sort of delaminated.

Many shoes have a steel or carbon fiber shank in the sole, to prevent…something or other. Maybe one of yours has broken. The NB site is newbalance.com , just as you’d expect.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks. Good to know I’m not alone in this…was starting to think I was imagining it.


Maybe it’s a tap shoe. Did you try doing the Ol’ Soft Shoe to find out.


I remember hearing, as a kid, a long time ago:

“When a new shoe squeaks, it means it isn’t paid for.”

There wasn’t credit cards in those days, but, I guess people bought shoes on credit.