Squeeatori te salutamus*

Cuteness update:

I’ve got a huge old-fashioned bathtub – like a claw-foot in size and shape, but on a pedestal base. The kittens have gotten very good at getting themselves over the smooth, rounded edge, and love to chase each other around in it (think short track speed skating).

Last night I decided to take a bath, complete with masses of fragrant bubbles. Jez was first to check things out; she got up on the rim without going over (well, aside from one paw, which she flicked dry). Zeb was unable to – he could get his front paws up, and kind of scrabbled with this back paws, but the “to the top but not over” allowance for error is very small, so after a couple of tries he just sat there and watched his sister. Jez gingerly batted at the bubbles, but quickly realized they weren’t going to support her weight. She did a few laps of the full circuit of the tub without mishap, though she eventually lost traction with her back feet and slipped partway in, getting her tail, rear legs, and butt rather damp, but scrambling out without needing my help. I was cracking up, Zeb was totally “dude! What did you do?” – and Jez did a full-tilt haughty “I meant to do that” harrumph as she stalked off.

Your kittens are adorable and that story is so cute.

Yay for kittens!

My Squee-o-meter is off the charts. The black and white one has a pseudo Hitler Kitty thing going on! We have a claw-foot with the rounded edge. Each new kitty does the “half in the drink” routine. Most of them are very agile on the walk-around though. I have one that can turn around and switch directions with speed and grace. She’s also very adept at fishing toes out of the tub. I love bath time with the kitties!

Aww! Your Jez looks like my Oreo, only with the black splotch on the other side. I love kitties! I’m attempting to ignore the siren call of more…my dad has six tiny new kitties at his house (he started feeding a stray that showed up on his property and she turned out to be preggers - he’s going to get her fixed as soon as the kittens are weaned) and my mom’s cat just had three babies in mom’s closet, which they’ll probably end up keeping because my stepfather has turned into Crazy Cat Guy in his old age - they already have four. I just have to keep telling myself I can’t afford to take care of more kitties…

Squeee! Kitties!

Very cute! I can’t quite bring my manly self to squee but … ahh, what the hell:


Eeeeeeeee!!! Izzums fuzzy wittle kittenfaces!!!

Um, I mean… attractive animals you have there.

Kitten pictures help cure crappy days - thanks!

Those are some cute kitties, twix. What did you do to get them? Who did you kill for all that squee?

Awww. Zeb looks like my kitty who disappeared in March. My other two cats are okay but were not adequately trained as pets by my partner before we met, so they’re not very friendly. Instead of introducing a new kitten, we’re trying to wait until this generation of cats is done, then get a couple of littermates.