Happy follow-up to my other kitten thread.

My wife and I were talking to a care-giver of hers about some kittens they had. Another care-giver then mentioned that Jamie’s the kitten I killed brothers still needed a home. We decided to look at them today and we’re letting them stay the night to determine if we want one or both of them. I’m thinking of keeping both of them if we can afford it, which I think we can.

They’re both orange, whereas Jamie was gray. I’ll take some pictures later and put them on my ImageShack account.

The advantage of 2 cats is that they entertain each other.

so sayeth a former cat servant.

Yeah. The get along great together so it would be a shame to break them up.

There were two kittens wrestling and fighting in the pet store when we went in and looked last weekend - there is nothing cuter on the planet than two kittens wrestling and playing.

Ha! As if any kitten that ever took a “trial run” was ever sent back. You know you’re going to keep them. At least orange is easy to see! Too soon? Sorry.

Here they are Kittens

Awww! So cute!

Pretty much the same as the first one, but here:
A couple of more pics

{Dies of fuzzy orange tabby cuteness}

Glad to hear the better news this time around!

They will be years of fun and companionship for you both.

Glad to hear you’re getting right back on the cat!

Yeah, the humans get to see the cuteness, and the kittens wear each other out. And they ARE cute kitties. I’ve got a couple of orange tabby boys myself, as well as Sapphire the Siamese Queen of Everything.

They’re a little tamer than Jamie was. Of course they’re still nervous being in new surroundings.

Oh, and one last picture was added to the photo album
This one

A pair of trouble-makers if I ever saw one. All that orange cuteness just serves to lull you into complacency.

(I have to admit, Nobody, I couldn’t even read your thread based on the title. :frowning: But I’m glad you’ve got kitteny-goodness back in your life.)

Hooray for Kitties! :slight_smile:

And if either of them gets in trouble, he can blame the other one.

They are adorably cute… but I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart! LOL Are there ANY differences in them?

They’re not as social as their brother was, but I’m trying to work on that.

One is slightly darker, so others in the house say, but I have a hard time seeing it. One has a thinner face though.

Since we named their brother Jamie, I’m thinking of naming them Adam and Grant. I think my wife’s on board with this.