Squeeatori te salutamus*

*We who are about to “Squee!” salute you

Meet the new feline overlords chez twicks:

Zebulon and his sister Jezebel, who took their first trip outdoors yesterday. It was interesting, but they were hungry afterwards.

Zebulon is gorgeous!

Obligatory squee!

Kittens! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

They are cute.

I was at someone’s apartment yesterday, and he mentioned that he knew someone with kittens to give away. I was soooo tempted…

Go for it. Kittens are fun – and the two of them keep each other very well entertained, so they haven’t been destructive (knock on wood).

And eleanorigby – Jez is goofy looking, fer sher, but she’s got a certain jolie laide charm



Heh. Actually, about 10 minutes later they were introduced to the concept of “Dog,” in the form of the corgi next door.

I have a thing for gray cats–I so want a gray tabby. When this monstrosity we have dies, I will be the one who picks out the next cat (the kids picked this one out–Simon’s ok, but he’s not a gray tabby).


Just out of curiosity, are you intending them to be outdoor cats?

(Don’t do it!)

Edit: Oh, and squee!

3:10 to Puma

Let’s not start the latest round of that war in here, 'kay?

They earned a “squee” from my wife, and an “awww” from me. They look good!

Nice names, how did you choose them? And furthermore, squeee!

Then I take it that’s a “yes.”

Take it as a “let’s not start that battle again in this thread about how cute my kittens are.”

Dung Beetle – I had a coworker 30+ years ago whose son was named Zebulon, and I thought it would make a great name for a cat. (My last cat, Elvis, turned out to be more an Elvis than a Zebulon, so it was still available.) Then, when I decided to get two, and the two turned out to be a boy and a girl … what else could I name her but Jezebel? :smiley:

What cuties!

Oh Hai.

I Iz Jest Squeein’ At Ur Kitties.

Some exemplary lil kittehz there. Keep us up to date on their growth and maturation!

Leave it to me to come into a thread and *not only *see two of the squeeiest kitties I’ve ever seen, but also see the last part of that sentence as “up date on . . . masturbation.”


That Zebulon’s got bedroom eyes. I predict trouble!