I’m not a hockey fan, but I’ve always wondered about the tradition of throwing squids on the hockey rink during a game.

Does this really happen?
Is it specific to one team?
How did it get started?
and what does it mean?

That was my ickle poem for the day.

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I’m not a hockey fan, but I believe it’s octopi not squids that get thrown on the ice. It originated when a team (Detroit IIRC) was on a eight game winning streak. Eight games = eight legs.

It was an octopus that was first thrown in Detroit during the playoffs. The Red Wings had to win 8 games to win the cup. One leg for each win. Fans took it farther and began throwing them after key Red Wing playoff goals. However, it doesn’t happen any more since, thanks to Florida’s unfortunate rat throwing episodes, the home team may get a penalty if foreign objects are thrown on the ice by the crowd.

Aw. I thought I was going to see Chief Scott doing a double toe loop, a double Lutz, and a triple Axel.

This is getting hard. Somebody relieve me. (A Wallian exclamation)

Go Fighting Cephalopods!

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Okay, I had the octopus, eight games, and Detroit parts right. I’m giving myself half a point for that answer.

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