Teddy bear toss

I’ve just discovered the nascent tradition of the Teddy Bear Toss.

I think it’s lovely. Very Canadian too.

That’s about as cool as it gets.

Oh, hell, I’m sorry, that was awful.

We do it every year in my city! It’s fun for everyone, family’s bring all their kids, they all get to fling Teddy Bears, what’s not to love?

I remember taking part in this as early as the 95/96 WHL season. Always a lot of fun, though it was sort of spoiled a bit a few years later when they put nets up at each end of the rink.

One time the game was well into the second period and the home team still hadn’t scored and the fans were getting restless, so when a fight started, they took the opportunity to throw the bears then. Put a quick end to the fight and everyone had a good laugh.

It’s the civilized replacement for dwarf tossing.

Our local roller hockey team did a halftime promo where they “sold” rubber ducks for 50 cents apiece. They each had a unique number attached. At the signal during halftime, everybody threw their duck into the rink trying to land on a target at the center.

The owner of the closest duck got half the money. The other half went to some local charity.

There’s something incredibly whimsical about hundreds of rubber duckies flying randomly and bouncing crazily and piling up near center “ice.”

Since nobody could throw a duck worth a damn, nor predict how it’d bounce after it landed, this was essentially the typical randomly drawn 50-50 raffle. But with lots more audience participation, spectacle, and fun.

Last week, our local news showed the aftermath of a recent Teddy Bear Toss–the hockey players taking armloads of bears into a children’s hospital, and distributing them. The kids were thrilled to meet the players, and to receive a bear; and the players looked like they were having a great time too.