St. Isidore and the Internet

This morning (Monday, Feb. 12) I received a note saying that the Pope would be naming St. Isidore the patron saint of the Internet. A thoughtful idea, since his scholarship in Spain during the 7th Century pre-dates the Internet by a few nanoseconds.

However, this source says that he’s already the patron saint of not just the Internet but of of computer technicians, computer users, computers, schoolchildren, students:

Another good reference:

So, what we need here is a Catholic Church tech support expert’s opinon – are we covered or not?

(P.S., his Saint’s Day is coming up – April 4).

No, St. Isadore is not yet offically named Patron of the Internet by the Catholic Church, but the tradition of has it that a group of people can name for themselves a patron saint, WHOSE LIFE WILL BE A MODEL FOR THOSE OF THE GROUP.

For additional info, goto:


and for the prayer with him: