St. Patrick Limericks For....

In honor of the day, I thought we could bemuse/praise/insult (?) our favorite Dopers. So here goes my first attempt. Which I admit, will undoubtedly be awful.
Please fasten seatbelts!

My favorite Hermit is Mad
Which I spose is better than sad
But if he lived near
being a sweet friend so dear
Hopeful that’d make us both always glad.:smiley:

My name is Kythereia
It’s always good to see ya
Although sometimes
When I think of rhymes
I wouldn’t want to be ya.

(The sad thing is, I once did one of my entire papers for my Celtic Studies class in these…)

Now that’s the spirit! Another for now…

This rhyme is for Maureen
Whose kindness is often seen
She’s such a terrific girl
I’d give her the world
And every good thing in between.

Is anyone else going to save me from this? Give a comparison to a good limerick? 'Cause I just can’t seem to stop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Beware. This next one comes with extra cheese.

I have a soft spot for the Dork
Who reminds me of Ork from Mork
With groovy long hair
And a righteous feminist flair
Plus surely he doesn’t eat pork!

Here’s my last contribution (at least for now – or until I can come up with something equally uncreative)…

There is a Doper named Zoe
Who always says things just so
She’s always so wise
And with gentleness tries
To get others to give compassion a go

Straight Dope is a site to be seen
We’ve threads both naughty and clean
Opinions and arts
Things dear to our hearts
And today, some of us are wearing green

Let’s see…

I sent Annie my first SD gift
Her cute response gave me a lift
I definitely consider her a good friend
That I’ll be there for until the end
So I know I won’t see her just in the Pit.
:wink: :cool:

And Kythereia, you’re a bit more difficult. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m forever glad to see
Kythereia in MPSIMS to help me
She has comfort a plenty
And hugs, oh so many,
That warms the heart, yes siree.

(Ok, I know. But I tried my best. :smiley: )