So i know that taking diet pills is stupid, but a friend of mine said stacker 2 was good stuff, so i took one yesterday, and a short while later my left cheek (ass that is) felt as though i had sprained it…i do sit badly at work, so it is entirely possable that the two are not related…but i am wondering if anyone else has ever taken a diet pill and then felt as though their ass was sprained…OR more importantly, if the ass-sprained feeling is indicitive of some more serious condition. i know the whole arm heart attack thing, and wonder if there is some similar thing with my ass-sprain.

and reading over this i realize i myself actually kind of sound like an ass.
oh well.

I’m doing the Stacker 2 thing right now.
Two fridays ago or so a few of us at work took them and ended up beating a plant record for production.
I’ve had no issues with my ass, but in that round about area it does do something to the sex life.