Stage screen & TV actor Lane Smith dead at 69

CNN Story

A classic “that guy”. Godspeed Emmett Seaborn.

I SO want this thread to be sequential with “Were these magic grits?”

Loved him in Vinny. He bore a striking resemblance to my very likable high school guidance counselor.


This is kinda weird. I was just talking about him to a friend yesterday; specifically, his role in an episode of The New Twilight Zone (the 80’s version) where he played a historian from the future who was also a descendant of JFK (played by Andrew Robinson). He prevents the assassination, inadvertantly setting off a chain of events that could end in nuclear Armageddon.Another great character actor lost. :frowning:

G’bye, Perry White.

Goodbye, guy who once starred in a movie with Pauly Shore.

(Can doing that keep you out of heaven?)

He also played the weasly mayor who had his son implanted with a tracking device to help the Commies ferret out the Wolverines in the 1984 classic “Red Dawn.”

So when is the red dust released?
As a minor note, I was flicking through the channels one day and came across a news report about terrorists parking a nuclear weapon off the east coast. Scary moment, until I recognized one of the reporters as Lane Smith. The movie was Special Bulletin.