Stain removal 301: dry erase marker

Does anyone have experience getting out dry erase marker stains? The web has been somewhat useless and I am hoping an ingenious SDMBer might have a trick or two to share.

(I already tried Murphy’s wood soap, as advocated by a few websites, which was basically totally ineffective.)

neuroman, what are you trying to get the stains out of? If clothing, what type of fabric?

It’s a light pink collared shirt with green dry erase marker on it in a couple of places. I think the fabric is a poly/cotton blend.

My usual marker/ballpoint pen removal solution is a bit of isopropyl alcohol, or barring that, really cheap hairspray for the same alcohol-delivery effect. I don’t know if dry erase markers react differently, though.

Not sure if this helps at all, but I use isopropyl alcohol to clean the ghosting off my dry erase boards at work. (employer is too cheap to buy good dry erase boards AND too cheap to buy board cleaner). It works very well on the board.

I’m third for the alcohol. I DO love cheap hairspray!!

Thanks for the tips, all. I shall slather some wood alcohol on the shirt and see if magic happens. Here’s hoping!

Here’s a long discussion with lots of suggestions:

Good looking possibilities - Mr. Clean Magic eraser, and baby wipes.