I’ve been looking for the DVD of this film for a LONG time, and I thought I should share the fact that today I FINALLY found it…of course when I haven’t time to watch it. I am going to be one very very disappointed individual if it isn’t GREAT!

Just in case anyone wanted to know.

That’s, uh… an interesting way to enter the boards.

It’s also really freaky, given that i just rented Stalingrad on DVD last night… only to find out that my DVD player was screwed up and wouldn’t show it. :frowning:

So… how was it?

I haven’t seen it yet, its still sitting on my desk taunting me. I have too much to do at the moment to sit and watch a movie (I say that, and yet I have no doubt that I’ll still be sitting here in a few hours putting off the stuff that I really have to do). I’ll be sure to post my opinion of the film as soon as I see it…because I know that everyone is just dying to know.

I suppose I’m not technically new to the board. I used to post all the time, then I disappeared for a while, and came back, but appearantly I was gone long enough that my name was removed from the system.

So I’ve started anew. But, to my credit, my ‘first’ post was both mundane AND pointless, whereas many of the posts I’ve seen recemtly have only been one or the other.