Stalker profiles

I am sure there are some traits that stalkers TEND to share. I am curious if y’all have any insights that can fill in some blanks on this as well as make it more practical.

Talking about an emotional condition is certainly helpful. Giving an example can help make it more real.

Any thoughts?

I did a google search, an SDMB search, and so forth… nothing terribly helpful.

Definitely OCD. But I have to point out that 99.99% of people with OCD are not stalkers.

That ex- you’re sorta worried about? All really violent stalkers are just like them.

Seriously, there are several flavors of stalkers. Consider the loner loser following the babe he saw at the mall for the next 2 days, never daring to get closer than 200 yards. Now consider the jilted violent abuser who finds & kills her after laying in wait in her house.

Those are almost polar opposites on the control-freakery spectrum, the violence spectrum, etc.

I suspect (I’m not a pro at this) that male & female stalkers have significant differences in theirmotivations & anormalities despite having a braodly similar outcome.

I hope the experts will have something useful & interesting to say about this Q, but I’m not optimistic about it.

They are delusion (She loves me. She just doesn’t know it. I can make her love me.) and control freaks (If I can’t have her, no one will). It’s an act of trying to gain power over the person they are stalking, and at its worst will have a deadly result.