Stalking harassment

Why? I handled it. I don’t want him to get banned, I want him to leave ME alone, and that’s been accomplished.

Well, you want to throw around accusations, and you’ve defended those accusations in follow-up posts, but despite the pleas of Tuba, and your accusation that Dex didn’t even look, you won’t provide anything to back them up.

I think perhaps you’re in the wrong forum.

I think perhaps you are just stroking your own ego rather than letting it go. I said nevermind before anyone else responded. If people are going to continue to push it, I will respond but otherwise your prurient interest in what Lobohan did or didn’t do is immaterial. I handled it to my satisfaction and do not require moderator assistance therefore building a case is not necessary.

I’m not going to spend time building a case when I’ve already dropped the charges. Savvy?

No, it’s a case of you specifically charging two posters, by name, of a rules infraction and not providing proof that it happened. Smearing posters belongs in the pit.

I believe I’ll believe that there is no case to make.

Provide proof or withdraw the allegations and apologise. You shouldn’t be able to weasel out of providing evidence by effectively saying they did harass you but you don’t want action taken against them. Prove it or apologise.


So you guys have decided to bring back the old Pit rules? :dubious:

It is my opinion that your demand is unreasonable. With respect, it is very difficult to “prove” board harrassment. Partly because the very question of whether it is harrassment is so subjective. There are snarkers who do indeed follow certain people around and harrass them

It is also not necessary, as I see it, to show a constant, unyielding Badchad style of harrassment, in which he followed Polycarp almost everywhere he went, and either disagreed with him for no reason other than to disagree or else brought up the boy messiah thing over and over. A lot of harrasment is more subtle than that. It’s just somebody dropping in whenever you post to offer nothing more than a roll-eyes or dubious smiley. Like Guinastasia does with me, for example. Brian Ekers used to do it more than he does now. And RTFirefly does it whenever the topic is government. He simply cannot let go of ridiculing my inoffensive philosophy.

As cases in point, (I’m not searching for these posts: the task of searching is too onerous; so if you want to find them, then tally-ho and God-speed), Guin just responded to me with her usual rolleyes dismissal today. And RTFirely, in a thread where Dopers were invited to offer their own amendments to the Constitituion, ridiculed mine. I said that people should be guaranteed freedom from coercion, and RT quoted me, and responded that people should be free from the law of gravity. Now, in and of itself, that is not stalking or harrassment. But you’ve got to stop and wonder: why was RT moved to post in response to me with ridicule, when I was not addressing him, and I was doing what the OP invited. RT doesn’t opine about my posts in, say, Cafe Society when I say that I like this or that idol contestant. He waits until I make a post about my political philosophy to respond with snark and ridicule. That’s harrassment.

@ The Mods

Now let me be clear. I don’t give a shit whether Guin sees my username and cannot help but post responses that draw the discussions off-track (whereupon I get accused of “making the thread all about me”). And I don’t know RT from a hole in the ground personally when he smashes the notion of peaceful honest people being free to pursue their own happiness in their own way. And you, as mods, might not see those kinds of posts as harrassment. But it would be nice to be able to express an opinion where an actual rebuttal or argument is made, rather than just snark or roll-eyes off-topic questions. Say what your problem is with people being free from the coercion of others. Don’t just use Pit-snark in Great Debates. If people won’t engage you, but only play “I’m not touching you!” with their posts, then they’re harrassing people.

That’s how I see it, anyway.

That and I don’t feel like doing the work, and I don’t want to submit him to the consequences of such work if the mods agreed with me.

But since I think it is so, retracting and apologizing would be lying, and I won’t do it. I think it’s true and I am not sorry for saying so.

But I have dealt with the problem to my satisfaction so there is nothing left to do here.

There are a few posters that I often find posting in threads after me, often correcting me. I could name names. Why do they do this? Well, because they have similar interests to me, and sometimes they find something in what I said that needs correction or expansion.

Here’s an idea: Start keeping a count of the number of times that you post in a thread that Lobohan has already posted in, versus the number of times that Lobohan posts in a thread that you’ve already posted in.

If you can’t link to a single instance of harassment then you have no business publicly calling them out for harassment. mswas made a public complaint about two people; he should back it up or retract it. Saying they’re guilty but he doesn’t want them punished doesn’t cut it.

Indeed. Liberal, if you’re going to accuse me of stalking you, you sure as HELL better have proof.

So, going by your words, and Lib’s post, Lib hasn’t accused you of stalking him yet, but if/when he does, he better have proof, By Golly.

You are in a huff because of something that hasn’t happened yet? :rolleyes:

mswas believes in Qi?

Well, let me just add that to my list of things to not give a fuck about.

It’s not that I *can’t *link. When you read the post (assuming you did), what did you think the statement that “I’m not searching for these posts: the task of searching is too onerous; so if you want to find them, then tally-ho and God-speed” meant? You know very well (or should know) that our search engine is like a big block Chevy with a blown piston. And if you make a simple mistake, you have to wait five minutes to search again, only to get a timeout or database error screen. Why should I (or the OP) go through this when the demands are yours? Take care of your own demands, if you intend to make them.

I personally think that a poster who publically makes an accusation on this message board of violation of the board’s rules by other posters should either back that up, or be considered to have violated the Board’s general rule about jerkdom. Actually, I think that an accusation of serious rules violation (which stalking certainly is) should ALWAYS be done privately; any public accusation of that sort is likely going to be afoul of the rule about jerkiness. In this specific instance, mswas should have restrained the impulse to hit the submit button if unwilling to do more than defame the names of the posters in question.

But looking at the trainwrecks that are the threads which spawned the current thread, I’m not particularly shocked at what happened here. :rolleyes:

I think he backed it up. He made specific references that anyone is free to check out. I recall one time quoting from a book, and then being asked for a cite. What the hell is it with this place? “Link” and “cite” are not synonyms.

Possibly the OP is referring, at least in part, to this post, but I’ll cheerfully let anyone weigh in on whether or not my behaviour constituted harassment. Frankly, it’s the only recent interaction I can think of that involved myself, mswas, and something vaguely paranormal. The thread that spawned that thread, I didn’t post to at all.

I can’t speak for Lobohan, but I’m confidently prepared to take that chance.

Liberal, I think your two situations are quite different. One could argue that **Guin **was “stalking” you (or at least obsessing over you) in thisthread. I don’t want to get in the middle of your love story but it did seem a bit odd.

With regards to mswas, it seems like he was getting his ass handed to him so he decided to cry for the mods. When they told him that it was a serious issue if true, the light went off in his head and he did the good ole Biloxi backpeddle.

Just my 2c.