Stamp rate going up on Monday question

I used the automated machine and got my package metered postaged. I could not fit my package into the machine slot as it was filled up.; the post office is closed. If I drop it off on Sunday, am I required to pay more postage as they will pick up the package on Monday?

If you have it in the post office, or in an official USPS mailbox on Sunday, the old rates will still apply.

On edit, I see that the rate change takes place on the 22nd, which is Sunday, so you may have a problem, but my guess is that if you drop it at to Post Office in their drop box you should be OK.

Q) How important is your package?

I say, take the package back to the post office when they are open and be prepared to pay the difference in the rate change.

The last thing I want to have happen to a piece of mail that I am mailing is to have it be mailed back to me (or delayed) for insufficient postage.

Sufficient postage and having the item hand canceled allows me to sleep real good at night!

Here in northeastern Ohio, we have an USPS Airmail Facility next to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport that has a manned postal counter with the following hours of operation:

M -> F:
04:00 pm -> 10:00 pm

02:00 pm -> midnight

02:00 pm -> midnight

Before postal cutbacks this post office has a postal counter that was open 24 / 7.

USPS > Days of Operation:

Post rate increases (straight from the USPS), as of Sunday, January 22, 2012:

I can’t tell from your post, did you actually complete the financial transaction needed in order to mail out your package before the price change? If not, I would imagine you are out of luck. If you did, then drop it into the nearest mailbox that isn’t overloaded.

If you go to the post office on Monday with your package already wearing the kiosk-generated postage and explain that the bin was full, they’ll probably accept it since the label has the date it was created.

Actually, I just played with their online calculator, and it looks like the price of stamps and first class letters goes up, but package rates seem to be unchanged.

The package price did go up on Sunday on the postal automated machine, by 25 cents. However, I decided not to remove the old stamp and buy a new metered one because as someone here said, the electronic stamp is dated (which was yesterday). I would compare it to paying Saturday evening knowing it would get picked up Monday. Hope I’m right.