Standardized Testing

I took the SAT back in '83. I think my scores were 630 verbal, 670 math. I took the GMAT in '90 and I had an overall score of 680, but I can’t remember the individual scores. Those are the only scores I can remember. I took the PSAT twice, but I have no recollection of what my marks were.

We also took a slew of standardized tests all through elementary school, but we were never told the results. Our parents were never told either. That always seemed odd to me. I still don’t understand why no one but the school administration ever saw the scores.

ACT: 32
SAT: 795 verbal 630 math

PSAT Writing 79
PSAT Math 77
PSAT Verbal 74
SAT Math 800
SAT Verbal 720
SATII Writing 790
SATII Math IIC 760
SATII Lit 710
SATII Spanish 640
SATII U.S. History 450 (oops)
ACT 31 (Math 35, English 35, Reading 29, Science 26)
LSAT–I’m too embarrassed to say (not an official score though, I just tested myself–hint: below 130)