Star Trek Discovery Season 4 trailer

Came out over the weekend.
It looks like that they have taken every complaint about Discovery:

  1. Michael Burnham being so special
  2. A galaxy ending apocalypse which only Burnham can fix.
  3. Very dark cinematography
  4. Fucking established canon in its ass
  5. Unnecessary changes in the appearance of long appeasing species… instead of new ones.
  6. The rest of the crew besides Tilly,Saru and Stamets just being there and having no actual role except smiling, looking concerned and generally ticking off the diversity checklist.
    …and decided to double down on them.

At least we see Culber in an actual role this time.

later year it was “Discovery:the other other other episode where Michael cries again.”

They should have sent Discovery into the 32nd century. Concluded their story. And concentrated on Pikes Enterprise for seasons 3 and 4.

Pike has his own series. Why would you want Star Trek: Discovery to focus on the Enterprise?

Er, how so?

I had the same reaction. “Wow, this trailer has everything I hate about Discovery, saving me from having to watch a single minute of the show to see if it’s any better than the dreck that made up the previous seasons.”

I love Lower Decks, though. And I’m looking forward to the Pike show. Foolishly, perhaps.

Lower Decks is awesome.