Star Trek Discovery - Pandemic Binge Edition. Spoilers to S2E5 ahead.

I’m halfway through the second season of STD - whoa, bad abbreviation - and want to note some stupid thoughts.


The show has outstanding production values. It just LOOKS cool. The old ST universe is well incorporated into it, the Klingons are cool, it’s just cool.

The cast is outstanding. Doug Jones is especially sensational. Mary Wiseman is great. Jason Isaacs was great.

Damn, they could have made this so much better.

  1. Oh look, Spock is coming back. We’ve seen a lot of Sarek too. Fuck.

There’s supposed to be like a trillion people in the Federation but let’s do Spock again? Christ. Look, Spock and Sarek are great characters, and Mia Kirshner as Amanda is great and I can look at Ms. Kirshner all day, but do we really need to go back to this well? Is it really necessary for the main character to be Spock’s stepbrother? I know Sarek and Spock are important figures in Federation history but can we please not have them as central figures again? Cast someone else. Write another character or four.

  1. Even within the show, they’re overusing the same people. Ash should be dead, but look, he’s still moping around. They’re still trotting out Michelle Yeoh - again, she’s a great actress, but let’s move on. Cast someone else, write another character. They are literally flying around a galaxy; they’d meet some new people.

  2. Can we also please move on from the Klingon storyline? War’s over. Let’s come back to them, huh?

I just finished watching Star Trek Discovery (both seasons) over about 4 days. Overall, I thought it wasn’t too terrible.

I really liked Captain Pike.

Really hated the spore drive. I didn’t like the abrupt end of the war with the Klingons. It was just too much too fast; very out of character, I thought. Spock’s SISTER ?!? Really? That was just too stupid for words. Did they learn nothing from Star Trek V ? There was way, way, way too much of Section 31. None of that seemed to make any particular sense. I never did understand how “Control” was supposed to be particularly a problem. It was utterly unrealistic, even in the Star Trek universe.

I really liked the Kelpien plot / character. Jolly well done.

I do like that Sarek consistently has a soft spot for human females.

Season 2 Episode 5 spoilers.

And look, Ash is back. He’s part of Section 31, the Federation’s secret agent corps.

So let’s review; Ash was a human who was turned into a Klingon, or vice versa, I’m not clear. He MURDERED a Federation officer, and went to be part of the Klingon government. Now he’s back and… the Federation made him part of their spy corps? Huh? Why did they need to bring this particular actor back? Can’t they have another character?

Oh, but they also brought back the guy he murdered. Why? Why can’t we move on to something new?

Why is there apparently only one Admiral in all of Starfleet?

They spend a lot of money on sets and effects; this is not a cheap show. Can they really not afford to hire a few more cast members?

Oh, and I want to make another complaint, and this is a complaint about Star Trek Picard, too; people say “Fuck” and “Shit.”

I don’t mind swearing; I’m very foul mouthed. But it was a matter of canon that by the 23rd century, English-speaking people generally did not swear the way we do now. It’s a matter of discussion in Star Trek IV, in fact.

That they felt the need to have characters use “fuck” and “shit” the instant the network allowed it is just lazy.

Alright I’m up to S2e10 and I don’t like this show anymore.

The biggest problem is that there aren’t enough people in the galaxy. It’s gotten ridiculous. So far as I can tell there are only 15-20 people in the entire Alpha Quadrant who can speak, and they have maybe 50 other people who just walk around. The return of Michael’s mother (an event that now makes Michael the Harry Potter of this universe, the most important living creature, connected to everything. She’s Space Jesus) had my eyes rolling like bowling balls. Why is Ash here again?

The show started out so well.

By the end of Season 2, I was surprised they couldn’t find a way to bring Lorca back from the dead solely for him to tell Michael how special she was… at which point, she would heroically choke back tears, just like she does every 15 frickin’ minutes.

“Did it though” (Thor shrug)

My biggest complaints are Burnham (I’ve tried!!! So hard. She just isnt interesting to me)

The space battles look like they’re written by five year olds on their third bowl of cereal.

The weeping. So much weeping.

It irritated me that the writers essentially ignored Airiam, the “artificial person” of this series, giving her essentially no speaking parts, until she got a “spotlight” episode in which she was instantly taken over by a virus and turned into a killing machine.

So much potential. “Data” level potential. “Spock” level potential. Flushed down the drain.

Instead, we got more Michael Burnham, Ash, and Tilly.

OK, fine, Tilly didn’t irritate me as a concept. We’ve never really focused on a cadet as a main character before… but, in order to keep her involved in the major events of the show, the writers had to give her roles on the ship that would never have been given to a cadet. Unless that cadet’s name is “Wesley Crusher”. Nobody else!

We didn’t really get to know any of the bridge crew, did we? Like… the women with the piece of metal on her face, or the other woman with the dreadlocks, or, I want to say an Asian guy? You know, the extras.

Originally, they wanted the Giant Space Tardigrade to be a member of the (possibly bridge?) crew.

Well, I finished Season 2.

Holy shit that did not end well. I was flabbergasted at how badly written that was. I could list a hundred thousand things wrong with that.

Ash Tyler was a terrible character right to the end. Just awful.

Now you might want to look at this thread.

I’ve been watching as well (free CBS All Access month). I really liked Season 1 and thought it ended really well. Season 2 has been a complete mess. This storyline is ridiculously non sensical and strange. I’m getting really bored of it. It looks gorgeous though, especially in Dolby Vision.
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As for me, Spock can comeback anytime he wants.

What’s the opinion on a Pike spin-off?

He did. On Picard. As a Romulan. :smiley:

They are distractingly similar.

Then on “The Crown” season 3, yet another guy who popped up who looked like those guys. I dismissed it as me just seeing things but then I found out it WAS the guy from “Picard.”

Just finished the second season. Wow, I’m glad I didn’t pay for this dreck. The actress who plays Michael is terrible. And when she emotes, it reminds me of the Carol Burnett show when she’s being comically melodramatic–big, puppy dog eyes, quivering lips, bent slightly backwards, etc.

Also, when time is of the essence they stop and have dialogs about love and regret and sorrow and all those things that make is…STARFLEET! Pike, you have four minutes to get back to Enterprise, Michael calls your name. you stop, turn and…she says nothing, you just share meaningful looks. “What the F*CK do you want commander, I’m in a hurry here!!!”

Its seems like the writers never even watched an episode of any of the other 20 or so series and movies that have been produced to get a feel for the show.