Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Episode 1 (1/17/19)

Some soft spoilers in this post.

Now that more like it! The show still has pacing issues. They need to stop with the monologues (especially in this case when I thought we were getting that classic Trek opening narration but instead it was more blah blah blah.) but at least this was a Space Adventure which was all I ever wanted.

I am not sure if setting Michael and Spock against each other was a good idea. It generates conflict, sure, but it runs the risk of making your audience side with the character they have loved for literally decades.

I liked Pike as Captain. Our only experience with the character suggested he was a little more serious and haunted in TOS but that characterization is still a bit in his future and was one fifty years old episode. What was more important was having a Captain that was likable and felt like Starfleet and this did.

It’s a promising start to a new season. Anyone else watch?

I did. Still problematic. The dark look needs to be fixed. Here is hoping Pike fixes the ships lighting as well as the ready room.

They are trying to get a more ensemble feeling by giving us names on the bridge… Sheesh only a season for most of these folks it seems
I like this version of Pike. It is a nice change to have a lighter touch. However, you’d think he’d have tried a slower less suicidally stupid way to the astroid surface.

I hope that engineer they picked up is used more. I liked her worn cynical edge without the oppressive “dark” Seems like an interesting character.

The thing I do dread is something that seemed to be hinted at in Burnam’s reaction to Sarek asking why she and Spock weren’t so close. My skeeve meter went into overdrive…

Mark this date as I called it, but I fear the writers are going to do this because… “Edgy” Well that and they want to imprint their dirty fingers into Trek lore… I have a strong suspicion that they are going to drop the bombshell that Spock and Burnam became intimate during one of his episodes of Pon Farr…

God I hope I’m wrong, but that seems to be the crappy way TV writers seem to be these days.

Some hope for this season. Needs to work.on making the characters likeable the mood less oppressive and for Mugatu’s sake drop the fantastical and silly star wars crap (I’m looking at you stupid high speed flight through an astroid Feild). And please God don’t let them add any supernatural elements (red angles?!?!)

I’ll keep watching… Cause I’m hopeful for a better future something Trek should be and something the creators have so far forgotten

I loved Anson Mount as Pike. Tilly has the potential to become a one-note character if the writers aren’t careful. There wasn’t really anything wrong with the episode, except I thought the asteroid chase scene dragged on and the science officer was a waste of space, he might as well have been screaming “I’m only here so they can kill someone.” That said, it didn’t really do anything except set up plot lines, which I guess is the job of a first episode, but hopefully the framework of the plot and characters gets filled out more in the coming episodes.

I liked the bit where the bridge crew went around and said their names. Season 1 did not follow the Trek tradition of the ensemble cast very well; hopefully more of the background characters get more screen time this season.

What is the purpose of the annoying junior officer, Tilly, who everyone pats on the head and says will eventually make a good captain? I know that there are multiple universes in this, uh, universe, but I’m struggling in figure out which one this could ever possibly be true in?
At one point she is babbling on the bridge, and not one senior officer tells her to at least shut the hell up or, more appropriately, to get the hell off the bridge and only return once she has a grip on herself.
Later she makes a declaration along the lines of ‘Math, people!’ and not one smart alec pipes up with, ‘Yeah, we know. We’re all engineers and scientists here!’.

Two good signs in this episode. Pike is very ‘Kirk’ like and hopefully the engineer they found on the asteroid becomes the new ‘Scotty’. With lines like this, “Body’s just a machine. And I read.”, she could be a more realistic character compared to the other spastic types on the ship.

I utterly despise the “densely packed asteroid/debris field in space” trope. It is exactly equivalent of a CSI show having the crew show up at the scene of a bombing and seeing the fragments of the bomb hovering stationary in the air in a ball a few feet from the center of the explosion. It is that stupid a screw-up of gravity and velocity.

Why were they flying as if chased by Tie fighters? Yes, they had a limited time, but they also had no idea if there were survivors. So, why risk lives for no reason?

I thought it was pretty flawed, but still, it felt a lot more like Star Trek than any of the episodes of the previous seasons. Although I’m not sure if that’s just due to seeing the Enterprise (much better looking than the recent movie franchise one) and Captain Pike.

It seemed to be a bit of a re-tread of the first episode of the last season, in parts, though—undecipherable energy signature thingy detected, Burnham has to get out of the ship to some inaccessible place, is left near certain death, has inexplicable experience, and so on. I wasn’t sure whether that was deliberate, and if so, if it was meant to convey an idea of ‘but we’re gonna get it right this time’.

The fake-out with the red shirt (who survived, while the science officer died) was a bit corny. And why do spaceships all need to spin nowadays?

I sure liked Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels (I never saw Marvel’s Inhumans) and have high hopes for him here.

Simple, silly, if they didn’t spin what would get to look at to show off the great effects? A ship travelling in space?!?! Come on , that’s boring. Everyone knows we need flashy lights and lots of quick movements to keep our attention these days

Its not dangerous if they just fly straight to the target and not have to dodge things or have a near death experience.

Plus it gives Burnham a way to impress the new captain.