Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Trailer

The trailer is here.

Pike is the Captain!

In the panel they revealed:

They will fit closer into known continuity this season.

Rebecca Romijn will play Number One (the first officer of the Enterprise under Pike. played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry in the original Trek Pilot).

I can’t wait!

“…I hear that’s going around”
THAT made my day.

…I laughed more during the trailer than i did for the entirety of season 1. That’s a good thing. Glad they fired the first season showrunners: I loved the cast and the setting but the story and the arc was a disaster (IMHO) and grimdark doesn’t suit Star Trek so I hope thats gone for good.

Took me a while to realise Anson Mount is the guy from Hell on Wheels. Looks soooo much different cleaned up!

Me, too. I practically wanted to off myself with how depressing it was while they were in the alternate universe. Looking forward to season two.

Apparently Spock will appear in season 2 as well.