Star Trek: Enterprise question [spoiler alert]

I’m rewatching the whole series and in season 1, there is an episode I just don’t understand. The Episode is “Shuttlepod One”

Trip and Macolm are in a shuttle in an asteroid field and the see the wreakage of Enterprise. Later on we see part of the NX-01. There are also microsingularities around so I’m thinking its a timeloop episode and do to their knowledge, Trip and Malcom save Enterprise from crashing.

But the Enterprise never crashed. Instead, on the Enterprise, they rescued a crew from a crashed ship. Archer promises to tell Malcom what the ship was late but never does. Was it the Enterprise? Did the Chief Engineer and Armoury Officer mis-identify the ship? WHat gives?

It’s been a while since I saw that episode, but weren’t Malcolm and Trip hallucinating by that point?

No. On the Enterprise, one of the bay doors was pulled off when trying to rescure the survivors, but I find it hard to believe Trip and Malcolm would mistake another ship for the Enterprise.

If the writers expected us to belive that they would see a wreak and a bay door and think it’s Enterprise, it’s pretty weak writing - even weaker than going Warp 10 turns you into a giant axolitl.

It only mentions the bay door. No other explanation is given.

Ah, yes, Shuttlepod One- the ep that made me give up on Enterprise * until the end of S3. We got to Malcolm’s T’pol crush and I went for the remote. Oddly enough, it’s now my fave ST iteration- the crew’s dorky naiveté grew on me. But still hate S’pod 1 *