Star Trek Lower Decks

A new Star Trek cartoon is coming to CBS All Access August 6.

I have to be honest, this doesn’t look like a show I’d be interested in.

This could be the Star Wars Holiday Special of the Trek franchise. Minus the talents of Bea Arthur and Art Carney. :nauseated_face:

I have to be honest, it looks great. (And strongly reminds me of Final Space.) But if you think that Star Trek has to be soooper serious it probably very definitely isn’t for you.

Did the trailer get pulled?

No. Plus more characters to reach the minimum.

I can’t find the trailer anywhere. The link in the OP says it is unavailable.

It’s worth a try, I suppose.

Will there be drug dealing?

I just watched it.

The trailer is not available in Canada. Once I VPN’d in through an American server I could see it.

Not sure it was worth the effort. If it has time, it could possibly grow into something decent.

Here is a pretty extensive analysis of the trailer.

I mean, OK. I dig it.

But naming it after the one NextGen episode that showed just how damn expendable those guys are? Depressing.

Lower Decks was a GREAT episode of television. It really was. But I’d have chosen some other name for this.

From the trailer, it looks like a parody of Star Trek. Which IMHO would work a lot better if it weren’t an official Star Trek show.

Yes. I have nothing against Star Trek being fun, or funny, but this really seems like parody—and having the parody and the thing it parodies set in the same universe seems incongruous. Like having Spaceballs set in the Star Wars-universe.

Plus, what may be the bigger issue, nothing in the trailer was all that funny. But of course I’ll give it a try.

Agreed. But it may not be fair to judge by the trailer, since trailerizing comedy totally screws up the timing and context.

Possibly the most excited I’ve ever been about a new Star Trek series.

Disclaimer: I hate Star Trek.

Looks like fun! I don’t mind seeing a parody of ST set within the ST universe. I can always just fanwank that it’s a sitcom from a Federation broadcast 'net.

Looks amusing. I think it’s fine to have a show that doesn’t treat itself as seriously as the main dramas. My favorite Marvel movies were Guardians of the Galaxy which also did not take itself seriously at all (of course the Marvel universe always had some humor, which ST sometimes fails at).

On one hand this could be funny and Trek has a lot of tropes that can be satirized but I am tried of how all media now has to be with a wink and nudge. There is no sincerity anymore. It’s like how there are no fairy tale stories just parodies of stories like Shrek. I want some sincerity. No matter how good this show might be (and it probably won’t be that good) I would rather have had a real series about a Star ship crew having adventures and not the parody.

It seems like every other Star Trek series on CBS All Access is playing it straight. And Strange New Worlds appears like it’s going to be far more TOS/Next Generation than any other ST property in a while.