Star Trek Lower Decks

Nah, it’s going to be someone much more obscure. Some race we met in a single episode of TNG.


Those fish aliens Fleetwood Mac portrayed?

Already done them.

Harry Mudd!

A backup copy of Spock’s brain?

Twenty Quatloos says it’s… Cyrano Jones! Not really, just trying to think of another Pakled level potential antagonist.

Maybe these guys?: Satarran | Memory Alpha | Fandom

I just finished the last three episodes of S2 and enjoyed them. Showing the Vulcan and Klingon lower decks (and briefly, the Pakled) was a nice idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see that young Vulcan office aboard the Cerritos. I liked the ominous hints about Rutherford’s implants, and didn’t mind the cliffhanger - I’m sure Capt. Freeman will be vindicated. It’d be nice to have another courtroom-drama episode like “Court Martial” (with the usual STLD jokes, of course).

Yes! Voiced by the same actress. I liked that she mentioned to the young officer who tripped and fell on the Bridge that you can get over an embarrassing moment early in your career and still go on to do great things. Check it out:

Gomez was brought back for an appearance in Star Trek: Lower Decks. Showrunner Mike McMahan said in an interview that he wanted to bring back characters from previous series that the audience might not expect. McMahan said, "In fact, I’m not even sure of the last time Lycia Naff performed a fictional character. It was like, if anybody’s going to do it, she’s one of the original lower deckers. Let’s make her a captain. Let’s give her a win. In this episode, I tried to write her as an amazing captain. Where does she end up? What is her attitude? How does she treat her subordinates? Because we see her having a tough time on the Enterprise. And a real theme of this show is where do these characters end up in the end."

From here: Sonya Gomez | Memory Alpha | Fandom

Her ship appears to be an upgraded Excelsior (the Excelsiors were always favorites of mine): Obena class | Memory Alpha | Fandom

One of the dolphin crewmembers of the Enterprise-D is also a secondary character in Diane Duane’s excellent TNG novel Dark Mirror.

Wouldn’t that be an incredibly old class of ship in STLD? Excelsior was rolled out at some point prior to Star Trek III The Search For Spock, and so by the time we meet Mariner, Boimler et al., that class has been kicking around for a century.

Excelsior-class was regularly seen in Star Trek TNG and DS9. It’s well established as a sort of “workhorse” class that had lasted a long, long time; presumably it was upgraded with “modern” technology as time advanced.

Its supposed to be a different class.

I also liked how they used it very early on to establish the size of the new Enterprise. When we first saw the original Excelsior, it made the original Enterprise look kind of small, then we see the Enterprise-D is quite a bit larger than another Excelsior class ship. Take that, Excelsior!

If so, it’s clearly an evolution of the Excelsior class. Which is fine, and in keeping with historical naval trends – quality ship designs are utilized for as long as they continue to be useful, which can be many decades or more.

It’s the C-130 Hercules of starships.

And as such, in excellent company.