"Star Trek: Star Charts" book-how accurate?

Well, I’ll make it short and succinct (Or curt and imprecise, depending on your point of view)…I’ve just recently bought the new “Star Trek: Star Charts” book (The content of which I leave to your imagination), and I was wondering if anyone here (Astronomers, in particular. Bad Astronomer, I’m looking at you :wink: ) can tell me how accurate it is, at least in regards to it’s listed structure and geography of the galaxy, and locations of real-life star systems. And ignoring, of course, things like wormholes, the Great Barrier, and other purely fictional features.

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Not an answer, I know, but what pops into my mind is, “What makes you think it wouldn’t be accurate?” I mean, all they gotta do is copy some charts off NASA’s website or whatever, print it up, there’s your book.

Well, I’ve never seen the book in question, but I can tell you, at least, that Wolf 359 is, in fact, a real star, and very close to the Sun (only [symbol]a[/symbol] Cen and Barnard’s Star are closer).

How is the information presented? Do they show graphic charts, or a list of objects, with some sort of coordinates? If the latter, could you post a few of them? If they’re real objects, I could probably confirm or deny a few.

Be advised, by the way, that we’re almost completely ignorant about planetary systems at the moment, so anything they say about planets is likely to be completely fabricated.

Chronos-The book is a series of maps, looking “down” upon the “disk” of the galaxy. I’ve made a pseudo-sample image here, to show what it looks like…the sample shows the positions of stars as they’re printed in the book (As best as I could manage), but with a LOT less detail. I just put in the “big name” stars that I know actually exist. But the book included quite a few others, even in the inch or two of page space I’ve duplicated there, and even includes information on spectral class, star magnitude, etc. Anyway, does the orientation of everything in the pseudo-sample look right to anyone?

There’s something fishy about that link. Could you check it?

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. This is the correct link. :smack: