Star Trek Story You'd Like To See

I’m not much of a writer. I come up with ideas all the time though. Sometimes, it seems all I’ve got in my head is story ideas of varying quality.

Here’s an idea for a Deep Space Nine story I’d like to see. (Probably in the form of a DS9 novel since it would be unlikely to appear in any other form).

I could go into a lot of detail, but the basics are these:

  1. The last we saw him, newly appointed Grand Nagus Rom was talking about the sweeping changes he’d like to in the very fabric of Ferengi society, change relating to the status of females in particular, something that isn’t likely to go over especially well with many Ferengi.

  2. What better spokesman for an influential group of Ferengi Traditionalists than Quark? He’s Rom’s brother, the fact that he’d happily overlook what his brother is doing to the Ferengi people if its good for (his) business marks him as one of the staunchest traditionalists around, and finally his sponsorship of such a group would be an embarrassment to Rom. Of course out of loyalty to Rom and to his own business interests he’s not likely to go along with them willingly, so they’d need to make him an offer he can’t refuse, either blackmail or an insanely huge sum of money. Maybe both just to be certain.

  3. It is likely that some of those who oppose Rom will support violent action as the most expedient wat to get him out of power, minimizing the damage he can cause as Grand Nagus. A powerful political opposition party of Ferengi Traditionalists, with Quark as their figurehead, might secretly support such action. Not being especially known for their subtlety in matters not related to business they’d need to bring in outside help to plan and arrange things, the most likely candidates being a former members of the Maquis.

  4. One of the former Maqui hired by the Ferengi Traditionalist is secretly working undercover for Section 31, both to avoid imprisonement for crime committed as a Maquis Freedom Fighter/Terrorist and to aid Section 31’s own long term plans for the betterment of the Federation by helping to keep Rom in power, and strengthening his resolve to one day make Ferenginar a member of the Federation by making him aware after the fact of the Federation’s part in bringing down the conspiracy against him.

Of course, any such story would also be full of the kind of humor we’ve all come to expect from any DS9 story centering around the Ferengi, though the stakes would higher and the playing field larger than in any Deep Spce Nine’s Ferngi-centric episodes.

That sounds good, FM. You should write it up.

I always wanted to see more about the “mirror universe” from DS9, and even dared to hope it would be the next series. They did come out with a two-book sequence about it, centered on the women characters, but it was disappointingly shallow…TImmy

Anything Romulan, really, but specifically… I loved Face of the Enemy, the TNG episode that Troi was abducted and was forced to masquerade as a Tal Shiar agent in. I’d love to see some more episodes based around them.

Similarly, I vaguely remember a DS9 episode where O’Brien went undercover in the Orion Syndicate. I really enjoyed it at the time as well.

I guess I just want more gritty episodes dealing with the more seedy aspects of life in the 24th Century. TNG was great and all but I loved DS9 so much more for its conflict. Utopia’s rather dull.

Oh, yeah… I forgot. I’d **really[/b love to see a DS9 franchise of movies building into one long epic, like Star Wars. If they did it right, there’s enough there for an awesome storyline that’d blow all of Lucas’ overrated tripe out of the water.

Said it before, say it again:

Jeri Ryan naked aerobics.


I’m certain you’ve seen this idea in various incarnations all over the Web, but my gang has its own Trek-inspired saga with original characters and a new story line. We’ve been boldly going for over two years now. It’s a writers’ exercise–we use FanFic to teach people the basics. I mention this not to boost the readership–we don’t have so much as a hit counter–but to encourage you about how easy it is to write, and how Do-It-Yourself is more than Home Depot. There’s a lot more info at the site:

Mr. Ellis: Said it before, say it again. “Half an inch, half an inch” is my favorite Monty Python joke ever in history.

Sub-commander T’Pol and Captain Archer are trapped on a planet with a freezing cold climate and and the Enterprise will not be able to return for 60 days because … well just 'cause and they only have one survival tent and a blanket between them. To survive at night they must share the tent and share body warmth. They argue over who the spooner and the spoonee will be. Archer wins because T-Pol being the spooner could cause too much of an air gap.
Sub-commander T’Pol and Captain Archer are standed on a planet with a sultry tropical climate and and the Enterprise will not be able to return for 60 days because … ummm… well just because. T’Pol gets bitten on the buttocks buy a Gibbering Garthak and Archer has to vigorously suck the poison out and nurse her back to health. Her little mid-rif top gets soaked with sweat by the fevers and Captain Archer has to wash it again and again and give her constant, gentle sponge baths to cool her down.
Working undercover on a large trading outpost in the Gloran sector and through the perfidity of a Suliban engineered gyno-virus, T-Pol becomes a male Vulcan and Captain Archer becomes an attractive human female. Porthos the dog becomes a highly intelligent Denebian worm slug. The have to share a small, cramped single bedroom apartment and try to get themselves switched back. Hilarity ensues.


I’ve always thought that this would be the way to keep the Trek franchise alive. Instead of a regular series, why not a series of TV-movies based on different novels?

I’d like to see a story about the Vulcans when they finally decided to go logical.

I’d like to see how Capt. Pike got his face vaporized.

I’d like to see a story where Kirk bags an alien babe and talks a computer into destroying itself.

A black hole traps the Enterprise, sucking the ship, the show, the cast and crew, and all of the show’s fans into oblivion.

The End.

…thereby leaving the viewing universe in the hell that is Babylon 5.

FTR, there can never be enough Trek threads.

Live long and all that stuff they say, you know?

McJohn, thanks for the link. Cool site.

Astro, up the voltage, man! :wink:

Only if it takes all of “Star Wars,” “Babylon 5” and “Dune” with it.

Yeah, and while it’s at it, all the people who are apparently forcing you at gunpoint to watch these things and/or respond to related threads.

Don’t fret, Fib, it happens all the time. They just feel left out 'cause they’re not as cool as us Trek Dopers. :dubious:

See you on the Trek threads.

To all the Trek naysayers: :wally

I’d like to see returns to worlds of the past, like the novel that had a captain from the planet of the Romans fron TOS. How are the Iotians doing after the gangster days? Did Eminiar 7 and Vendikar have a lasting peace? Whatever happened to the Shore Leave android planet? All these one-show allegories with their eternal loose ends are ripe fodder for continuing stories. Did the citizens of Beta 3000 (?) get along without Landru?

I thought the Section 31 idea was much better for the next series than Enterprise turned out to be. I thought they should have recruited Data, Bashir, Seven of Nine and other “superhuman” Federation citizens to defend the Fed using every means, outside the law. Sort of a super James Bond type of service.

A TOS story where Bones doesn’t say “He’s dead, Jim” in tones of shock as if a doctor had never heard of the Reaper before and where Scotty doesn’t say "The engines canna take much more, Captain.

Although I must admit rmbnxs’ idea wasn’t bad.

I always sort of wondered where all the psychic humans were. I mean, several other Trek races have the ability, and in the original series pilot we learn that records are kept of human psionic potential. Heck, if I remember aright, both Gary Mitchell and Liz Dehner have esper ratings higher than Spock’s! Yet we never really hear anything more about human psychics in Starfleet. What’s the deal with that? Is there some sort of affirmitive action program to ensure that alien psychics get preferential treatment on starships?

I picked up the latest Star Trek: The Magazine yesterday and there was an article in it about the last season of TNG where one of the head writers wanted the Enterprise-D to visit the Iotians only to find them aping Spock, Kirk, and McCoy instead of Prohibition era Chicago.

That would’ve been so cool.

An episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

::The episode opens with Enterprise speeding away from from a planet in flames, which is leaving a trail of vaporized mantle in it’s orbital wake like a comet’s tail::

::Cut to the bridge, where Capt. Archer is pacing back and forth, sweating profusely. His hands shake involuntarily as he gestures::

Archer: “It’s all right…Everything’s going to be allll right. We just…DON’T tell starfleet that we tried to help the Arknarians solve their energy crisis. Starfleet doesn’t need to know about the strangelet particle chain-reaction…and it WAS an accident, after all! Really, it was! It’s not really OUR fault! And the Arknarians, they…they were just a prewarp backwater world! No one will miss them! Nothing’s changed! We can just go on with our mission…yes…We don’t need to tell, no one needs to know…”

Fine. I’m in a “dark” mood right now. Nyeh. :smiley: