Star Trek: The Final Frontier Has a Bum Reputation

When Kirk, McCoy and Spock are locked in the brig, Kirk pushes a button on the wall and a toilet pops out, which he sits on (lid down).

I thought the sign said “Do not use while in spacedock.” But I’m not watching again to find out.

Okay I would but I don’t have the DVD here at work

I agree with the consensus that ST:V wasn’t the best but it did have some quotables.

“Do you not recognize a jailbreak when you see one?”
“I know this ship like the back of my hand”…BONK
OK, the second belittles Scotty to the point of slapstick but he was too fat to have him believably avoid being captured on his own merit.
I thought TMP sprang from the writer’s being intimidated at making a 2 hours flick so they took an episode and stretched out scenes like Kirk’s arrival at Enterprise, and the flight into VGER (I was actually hoping VGER would just put them out of their misery!!).

I’m going to hijack a bit and ask:
Is anyone else disappointed the way Worf’s character has been degraded from Klingon warrior to the Schwarzeneggerish phrase “Assimilate this”-FC. Or the way he pouted in FC when Picard apologizes in the end. This has really been nagging at me and the more I think of it, the more disappointed I become.

TMP WAS an episode stretched into a movie. Several sources for hard core Trekkers will fill you in on this. Roddenberry was trying to get Star Trek II launched on TV but it didn’t happen (for various reasons). So, they took all the stuff they had already worked on for a TV pilot and got the go ahead to shoot the film.

So, TMP flows like a made for TV movie in places and is filled with nonsense filler in others.

The one character they really missed the boat on in the movies is Reginold Barclay (Broccoli). Coulda had class, coulda benna contender.

TMP has nice music, though. 'course, you could just buy the soundtrack and leave it at that.

How ya liking those KUDOS, NCB?

ST5 has a Bum reputation? I don’t recall seeing anyone’s bum.

You forget something. In one of Roddenberry’s brighter moments, he’d managed to con Harlan Ellison into writing the script for the film, only to have Ellison get pissed off at a studio executive and storm out. Instead of trying to figure out a way to calm Ellison down and get him to crank out a script, they dusted off the old “Nomad” script, made some changes to it and called it The Motion Picture.

Forgot something, myself. Many of the elements from Ellison’s script ended up in “All Good Things.”

Perhaps you missed Uhura’s fan dance. This element alone catapults ST5 down into the miry pit of badness.

I mean, come on. Was that really necessary? And if that wasn’t enough, they had that implied Uhura/Scotty sex thing in sickbay. Now I want you to vividly imagine fifty-year old Uhura and fat Scotty going at it like geriatric bunnies.

I hope they release a director’s cut with the deleted scene!

It’s not mentioned in her bio at imdb, but Nichelle Nichols got her start as a professional dancer. She was in the original cast of West Side Story on Broadway, IIRC. Nichelle Nichols’s is a very talented actress, and has sadly only had a few opportunities to display her talents on screen. The dance scene was a “gimmie” for her, so that she could say, “The old girl’s still got it!” I, for one, don’t mind the scene at all. (Additionally, she’s the only member of the TOS cast to ever work for NASA.)

(Admittedly, the romance between her and Scotty wasn’t the high point of her career.)

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her talent that he was objecting to. :wink:

Next, you’ll be telling me that Tina Turner isn’t sexy any more!

::Wanders off muttering about kids these days.::

Tina Turner was sexy? :confused:


Considering she’s in her sixties, and probably fit enough to kick your ass, I’d have to say that qualifies as sexy. If it doesn’t, I’m not going to tell her that. (You can do it. I wanna watch her kick yer ass!)

Dude, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen* could probably kick my ass. I’m a Trekkie, for cryin’ out loud… it isn’t like I get out much. :stuck_out_tongue:

*I don’t get the love for them either. Ew.

How did you people come out talking 'bout Tina Turner and other girls in a Trek thread?

I think I’ve fallen into the mirror universe here.

To wit: “Trek V wasn’t so bad, but Generations and Insurrection suck.” ???

What is wrong with you people?


I’ll straighten it out for you CaptMurdock

Star Trek V, Generations, and Insurrection all suck. And so does TMP.

Better? :smiley:

Well, together, sure. But I think you could take them one at a time. They’re kind of scrawny.

I agree with Insurection and Generations, but V is the worst. There are so many problems with it, and I would not call myself a huge Trek fan. The main thing that bothered me was [spoiler]The relationship between Scotty and Uhura. What was that about? It was never hinted at before or since. It just felt oddly out of place. Next is the scene where Scotty knocks himself out. That was just stupid and pointless.

The one scene I liked that stands out is after the row your boat, they are laying there and Spock says, after pondering it for a while, “Captain, life is not a dream.” This was funny and fit in with the character.[/spoiler]

As for TMP, I agree it is not good, but I do like the special effects and the music and every so often in the right mood, I can watch it and enjoy it. I cannot say that about V.

Paramount used the “member of a reptile race from an alternate Earth where the K-T event never happened goes back in tuime to destroy human civilization” with the Borg in ST: First Contact. I’m surprised Ellison didn’t sue.

The old “member of a reptile race from an alternate Earth where the K-T event never happened goes back in time to destroy human civilization” plot device.

That’s the oldest trick in the book!