Star Trek: The Next Generation card game

I work for a company that is in the middle of moving operations from one building to another. As a result everyone is going through their desks and bins and hopefully getting rid of some junk. One of my coworkers decided to finally toss a gift he had received during a ‘white elephant’ gift exchange. A large box of cards for the Star Trek Collectable Card game (STCCG).

While I have played Magic: The Gathering when it first came out, I’m not really familiar with the different types of card games out there so it’s not surprising that this is the only set of Star Trek cards I’ve seen. I looked them up online and I’m guessing that these cards are from The Next Generation release in the STCCG series.

All of the cards have a white border and, except for the mission cards, have “Start Trek The Next Generation” in the upper right hand corner. Some of the types of cards are interrupt, event, dilemma, equipment, ship, and character.

I’m not interested in learning how to play the game, I just didn’t want to see them thrown away. Are there any Dopers out there who are interested in taking these cards?

Putting the box on the bathroom scale showed they weighed about 6 pounds. Using a very rough estimate these cards could make a stack over 27" high.

Can any Doper help me find a home for these cards or should I start looking for a place that can recycle them?

You might want to try taking it to a hobby shop and see if you can get anything for them.

That was actually my first thought. Either going to a game store and donating or selling the cards. Then I realized I could give the dopers first shot.

If the copyrights are around 1995 or so, then you probably have cards for the first edition of Decipher’s Star Trek CCG. This was replaced by the second edition a few years later, which is itself out of print.

Star Trek CCG was the first TCG I ever played. It wasn’t that fun when I first played it, because the mechanics seemed very confused. They didn’t know how to make a game out of the Star Trek: TNG series.

Very, very few people even play the second edition of the card game, but there are absolutely no people who play the first edition of the game. If you find somebody who wants them, great - just don’t expect much money for the cards. I think 25 bucks is the most you can expect. Fifty would be amazing.

Thanks for the information.

The copyright/trademark is 1994 Paramount Pictures.

To tell the truth I don’t care that much about making money off of this. Although if it turned out that these cards are very rare collectors items worth thousands of dollars I wouldn’t turn it down. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s looking like there’s two chances to find a home for these cards, slim and none.

Sounds like an excellent white elephant gift!

I’d like them. PM me and let me know how much they’ll set me back.

I probably still have a big stack of cards from that game somewhere in my basement.

I bought a lot of it when it first came out – it was one of a large number of CCGs that came out in the year or two after the initial boom of Magic, and I was a big ST fan at that time.

As Bith notes, it wasn’t a particularly good game; my recollection is that it took a long time to play, and had rather clunky game mechanics.

I doubt there’ll be much of a market for it, but you might get lucky and find someone who’s interested.

Edit: shoulda read Wheeljack’s post. OK, as long as you’ve got one interested person, you’re set. :smiley:

Everybody and his brother was publishing CCGs during the mid-90s. Most of them have pretty well sunk without a trace. Somebody might give you a few bucks for the cards, but I wouldn’t expect much.

I played this when it came out. It has some interesting ideas, but due to some strange game mechanic decisions, one particular card could function as a “lock.”