Star Trek TOS "Cage"/"Menagerie" Q: Rocky outcrop--real or soundstage?

The one where at the very end, you see Susan Oliver and *Captain Pike walking up the pathway. Anyone have any images of it? I saw an old TV program this weekend, and I saw a very similar formation, but I don’t have a “Star Trek” video to compare it to.


It’s a set. (IMHO, but look at it yourself.)

However, you can see Vasquez Rocks in the episode “Arena”- Kirk drops a boulder on the Gorn from there. I’ve seen it in many TV shows and movies, the tilted rock strata looks both “western” and “alien”.

Hmmm. . . maybe it’s Vasquez rocks (and “Arena”), instead. These rocks that I saw (real or not)were definitely the “tilted strata” type of formation.

Vasquez Rocks are also seen in “Shore Leave.”

It was also used to great effect in the MP “Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey”. First when Bill and Ted were watching the “Arena” episode on TV, it shows Captain Kirk running up the formation, then later when their evil robot duplicates took them to the top and pushed them off.

Also, the History Channel special “How William Shatner Changed the World” had some of its segments filmed at vazquez Rocks.