Star Wars: Do droids have gender?

I went through the IMDB cast lists for the Sequel trilogy, and found two other female droids, in very small on-screen roles:

  • PZ-4CO, a protocol droid with the Resistance, in The Force Awakens (not sure if she even has a line of dialogue)
  • ME-8D9, a protocol droid which appears in Maz Kanata’s castle in The Force Awakens (pretty sure she had no dialogue)

It’s a PBP game on TVTropes and communicating OFC on Discord . The person running it isn’t sticking too closely to canon, but it looks to be fun. Star Wars: Scrappers of a Lost Era (interest check) - TV Tropes Forum

So “The Force [may be] female”, but it doesn’t seem like machine equality is an issue that LucasFilm hasn’t fully adopted yet.

Seriously, what would it mean for robots to have a “male” or “female” gender? Even if droids have some kind of emotional sexuality integrated into their programming, why would they adopt humanoid genders? Oh, unless the purpose was the creation of a class of sexual slav….oooohhhh. Never mind; not going to go there.


Yeah, I don’t really see it. His character seemed fine to me.

I agree that Edsel Anglesort didn’t really pull off “young Harrison Ford” particularly well, but I’m not sure there was a better option out there - I’d probably have felt the same way about just about any actor in that role. Other than that, I appreciated an attempt to do a different kind of story in the Star Wars universe, that wasn’t about galactic empires and space wizards, and thought it executed on that reasonably well. Cliche? Sure, a bit, but what about Star Wars isn’t?

I have no doubt whatsoever that there is a significant chunk of Star Wars fanfic that features this, but I’m not going to look it up. :smiley:

Well, it was actually Alden Ehrenreich, not Ansel Elgort (who I assume you were trying to satirically reference), but that actually emphasizes the point that pretty much everything that made Han Solo memorable and beloved by audiences came from Harrison Ford’s performance, and no actor was going to be cast that actually felt like Young Han Solo. (Sean Patrick Flanery did a perfectly cromulent job of playing a young Indiana Jones, but he didn’t make the mistake of trying to mimic Harrison Ford, nor did The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles really hinge on trying to fill in specific backstory from the Indiana Jones films, so it didn’t really invite those comparisons.

You clearly enjoyed the film and I’m not trying to invalidate your opinion, but from an objective standpoint it really just seemed to exist to reference the few tidbits of backstory that Star Wars fans have speculated and mythologized about for decades, and the result was less imaginative than the fan fiction it tried to displace. That is kind of a general problem with going back and filling in alluded details from the past in a story; unless there is some essential narrative purpose (e.g. Vito Corleone’s backstory in The Godfather Part 2 giving weight to the expectations of Michael) it rarely feels like good storytelling or character development, and instead just feels like filler. “Oh…so, that’s where the dice came from. I guess I needed to know that.”

The Mandalorian while far from original (my personal theory is that this was Jon Favreau’s Edge of the Empire TTRPG campaign that he pitched to Disney), did a much better job telling a more engaging story by starting with a character that we don’t know about and building up his backstory and motivations as part of the the narrative. Without being burdened by any specific backstory, it could integrate characters and events from other Star Wars properties without feeling like it was just a train being driven down a track through a sequence of obligatory references that are less exciting than what your imagination could come up with.

But hey, at least Han definitely shot first this time. So, there’s that.


I liked Solo. I really did. I also liked that prequel to a New Hope where the main characters died. I thought both were good films :slight_smile:

{Jumps off train tracks}

I don’t have an opinion on droid sexing, just wanted to point out that it’s hangar.

Oh, sure. Next, you’re going to tell me that Dylan McDermott-Mulroney is actually two different actors.

I don’t disagree with this, I just don’t see it as a major criticism. Whether or not it lived up to that speculation is a matter of taste, and while I liked some of the old ideas better than what got into the movie, nothing in the film fucked up his character the way, say, the prequels fucked up Darth Vader.

Anyway, jumping franchises:

That’s because there was literally no backstory left to explain after the first twenty minutes of The Last Crusade.

You don’t know the context. Perhaps it’s a very small droid attempting to navigate a coat closet.

Judge me by my size, do you?

I think they use what’s programmed in them.

R4-P17, Obi-Wan’s astromech droid in Attack of the Clones and the first part of Revenge of the Sith (before meeting her untimely demise at the hands of buzz droids) was also female.

I agree with everything you had to say about Solo, but would like to add one more thing: it looked cheap. Star Wars movies are first and foremost eye candy - and I mean that as a compliment - and besides the train robbery scene at the beginning, it just didn’t deliver. The sets looked cheap. The vehicles looked cheap. The droids looked cheap. There was a major battle scene in what looked like a disused Doctor Who rock quarry. The climactic fight was in some guy’s living room! I don’t watch Star Wars for fights in living rooms, I watch it for fights on railing-less bridges across bottomless chasms!

First time I saw the movie, I left the movie theater thinking I hadn’t gotten my money’s worth.

I assumed (perhaps invorrectly) that the midwife droid that delivered Luke & Leia was female, as far as droids go.

Since it’s lodged in my memory, you get to suffer as well…

The old Fan Fiction Friday web-column (basically point-and-laugh at the worst of the worst) once featured a Star Wars/Transformers crossover where Optimus Prime used R2-D2 as a butt plug