Star Wars Fans , Don't Try This At Home

I always thought that some fans of these films were a bit weird , now this proves it :-

Flaming Sabres

It’s a pity that they had to find out the hard way that you don’t mess around with petrol.

I find it interesting that the distinction between their ages and genders is made as “[a] 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man,” when, in fact, they’re both of-legal-age dumbasses.

Great closing line in that article:

Is it too spoilerish to hint that that one ended in the burn ward, too?

*A police spokeswoman said the pair were taken to West Herts Hospital *

That just seems like a great name for a hospital. :slight_smile:

Anytime I’ve seen an article about a people in their late teens, early twenties, anyone over 18 is listed as “woman/man,” under that is “boy/girl.” Guess it depends on where you’re from.

But yeah, they’re both incredible dumbasses.

Sorry to spoil your joke, but it is pronounced harts, not hurts. You know how pronunciation of place names is sometimes puzzling over here.

I give it…ohhhh, two hours before that video shows up on sites like ebaum.

I would love to see that tape. I can’t imagine how stupid you would have to be to try to have a duel with two flamming gas tanks made of brittle glass.


Coming to FOX This Fall Season: The World’s Scariest Geek Worship Videos Caught On Tape

Of course, the jedi kid with the golf ball retrieval thing will have to be on that.

Yoda says, “Powerful is, the stupid side of the Force.” :wally

What the f*ck possesses people to do something like this? Apparently we’re all supposed to have common sense. I guess this pair were last in line when they were handing that out…

Is this available for veiwing yet?

What’s worse is that they supposedly thought that by mixing soap into the mixture, they could slow down the burn rate, and thus have longer lasting lightsabres. IOW, they made napalm!

You know what’s worse than showing up in a hospital as a result of your own stupidity? Showing up in a hospital as a result of your own stupidity and wearing a geeky costume! :smiley:

The Force is not with them…

Yes, but the Farce is certainly with them.

I’m thinking these two will be definite “Darwin Awards Honorable Mention” candidates.

Why do I find that so funny? Bad Ponder, Bad!!!

Hee hee hee hee

I wonder if the tape will show one of the “actors” screaming, as the other one burns, “I loved you like a brother!”

Maybe this was their plan?

If their intelligence was a result of inbreading, then he very well could have.

The stupid… it hurts… whimper

(The people wielding the lightsabers in the article. Not any of you guys. snogs)

Being, y’know, on fire, will probably cause enough disorientation that the reply will be, “That’s why I’m beautiful! Except for the sand! What a drag!”