Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic

Has anyone else played this spectacular game yet? I understand that it came out back in July, so i apologize if this game has been discussed already, but I just got back from military duty and just got the game so its new to me.

This is an extremely fun, deep, awsome RPG based in the SW universe. The story is great, the graphics are great, and it has a very original, easy to use new combat system. It really feels like you are IN the SW universe.

None of the characters are people that I have ever heard of because it is set 4000 years before the events of Eps. 1. I am using steel swords and various blasters and finally got my first lightsabre a few minutes ago (double sided). It plays in 480p as well so it looks phenomanal.

Anyone who likes starwars should go out and get this game (Xbox only) because it is a great time.

One question though:

Can humans be Sith? I am not really up on the SW universe and backstory but I though Sith was a race or species or something but in this game there are a whole bunch of various aliens that are Sith, including humans it appears.

I’m a big KOTOR fan.

I agree that it’s a great game, a necessity for any Xbox owner.

Not quite sure about the Sith/Human thing, but it appears that the Sith hire most of their troops (Fly the Ebon Hawk to Manaan, you’ll see what I mean).

As a tip, develop your two-weapon fighting and lightsaber aptitude quickly, it will help immensely.

Weird - I just got back from purchasing this game. I’m hoping it’ll live up to what everyone is saying about it.

Just to let everyone know; the game is being released for the PC in November so you won’t have to have an Xbox to play.

The Sith as a species died out long ago. The present Sith follow an ideal. At least that is what the load screen would have me believe. So anybody can be a Sith as long as they subscribe to the Sith philosophy.

I agree though, KOTOR (or Ko-Tar, as I like to call it) is a great game. I’m currently playing through the game for a second time so I can get the dark side ending and see the different reactions when one plays a woman. (I hear the Juhani character has some interesting reactions.)

I wouldn’t say the combat system is new, as it is pretty much an updated version of Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate combat system, which is based on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. It still is pretty easy to use. In fact, if you play on the easy setting, you don’t really have to do anything.

KOTOR is one of the best games to come out in recent time, i played twice (once light side once dark side) and both times it was fun and rewarding. The combat system is NOT new or orginal though, in fact its been used in games for years (baldurs gate 1/2, neverwinter nights, icewind dale 1/2, temple of elemental evil, hmm i know im missing a couple more but i can’t think of them right now). Before that its been used by pen and paper rpg players for the last few decades :slight_smile:

I was very, very impressed with this game, and played it obsessively for the whole 40-some hours it took me to finish. No, there’s nothing really revolutionary or even original in it, but it’s just that it takes everything and puts it together so well. And there’s so much content. As I was playing it I was already planning my second play-through as an evil character, but decided to put that off – I didn’t feel like spending another 40 hours with it, this time just being a dick to everyone.

It actually made me like Star Wars again, which I wouldn’t have thought was possible after the prequels and all the garbage that’s been coming out of LucasArts’ in-house development. One of, if not the best games released this year.

A lot of the side characters (like Exar Kun) come from the comic books and other “Expanded Universe” stories set in that time period. They’re never actually seen in the game, but referenced in a lot of the back-stories. I thought those were nice touches.

What did you expect form the masters of CRPG’s?

Bioware is genius behind the Baldur’s Gate series and the more recent Neverwinter Nights (My fave CRPG).

The only reason I’m not buying an XBOX is 'cause the game is coming out for the PC later this year.

If anyone has the chance to purchase this on PC, and has a machine capable of running it, I’d hold out. The XBox version is extremely buggy.

Head over to for more information, and for excellent advice. They’re usually very good with spoilers, and their mods are very active. Game developers frequently drop in with advice/clarification, so everything’s fairly up-to-date (in Kansas City).

There are a lot of bugs associated with going double-bladed a la Darth Maul (as opposed to having two sabers, a la Anakin Skywalker v. Dooku). I’d shy away from that option on XBox.

Also, go to Manaan last if you’re dark side. It’s horribly tedious, and events there will affect the rest of your game (sorry, no spoilers!).