Star Wars Name Generator

In honor of George Lucas going over the deep end (Next Title - “Attack of the 50 foot Jedi”) I bring the honored big, juicy chess-loving brains otherwise known as the Straight Doper some IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Mainly…what the hell is your Star Wars Name?

Oh and if you must know:

My Star Wars name is: Heado Babat
My Star Wars honorific name is: Nilhonda crx of Tums

Not exactly as good as “Boba Fett” but who cares about names when I am freezing you in carbonite.

It seems I am Machu Casan, the Emusaturn of Emutol. Fear my wrath!

Joshe Hast, Ttia “Red One” of Gravol.

How do you suppose this name would look on a business card?

I would be:

Tanco Klfor
Repdatsun of Motilium


Erija Adlas
Nosaltima of Aspirin

Ph33r m3 f04 1 @m:
My Star Wars name is: Kylco Trgre
My Star Wars honorific name is: Eltjetta of Emetrol

Crap I laughed when I found out where i was “from”

Jesji Elsan
Zencamaro of Celexa

Stehe Riqui
Htepulsar of Dayquil

Leafr Luroc
Tsosunfire of Xanax

Kinda unpronounceable, really…

Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Mital Hesan,
Tresaporro of Ephedra, and your Jedi mind tricks do not impress me.

Hohbl Chzar
Llefiero of Acetaminophen

“Dalha Edyum, Mmaford of Gaviscon”

Deneu Litop
Tremaverick of Trimethoprim

Chrso Secha
Lercolt of Advil - At last we shall be avenged

Ryame Hapeq
Daenone of Bactrim

Laigi Anlos,
Naimazda of Asprin


Look what I found out:

Your Star Wars name is: Jeahi Kachi
Your Star Wars honorific name is: Nosnissan pulsar of Allegra

Uh…I’m wondering what is the difference between a Star Wars name and a Star Wars honorific name? Is this something from one of the movies or what?

Adafo Pasas
Relavro of Advil
Hmmm, Adafo sounds so… naziesque

according to this, I am:

Matcr Samor
Revrabbit of Loperimide

Revrabbit? Revrabitt? What’s that? some sort of Leporidan religious figure?

Your Star Wars name is: Natch Joft
Your Star Wars honorific name is: Wotgrand marquisa of Alesse