What is your Starwars Name?

Inspired from this post:



Take the first three letters of your First name.

Add these three letters in front of the first two letters of your last name.

This combination becomes your first name. (3 letters of first name, 2 letters of last name)
Take the first two letters of your mothers maiden name.

Add these letters in front of the first three letters of the city you where born in.

I’m Eriwi Odatl. And may the foce be with you.

My user name is my Star Wars name.

Dousa Lured (Good thing my last name doesn’t strat with CH)

Robmi Ruhou

Robmi. Rob me. Heh. And the last part sounds like Scooby-doo saying Yoo-hoo.

Josbe Rakal here. Has anyone seen my light saber?

<All Innocence>No, but I found your heavy sabre. Will that do? </All Innocence>

Marha Jagar

“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets in your buttcrack at the beach. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth like your buttcheeks.”

This ain’t the way I was told to get your Star Wars name. The system I was told years ago was to take the first three letters of your last name and add that to the first two letters of your first name. For me that results in Boean.
For this incorrect way, I am Annbo Stnee

Jenis Dumon

Aleva Vahun. Sounds like a girl. Or a painkiller.

Cyned Magra.

Great, even my Star Wars name is nerdy.

Brima Paakr
Sounds like the fry-cook at the bar in Mos Eisley.

What do I do if my first name is only 2 letters long?

Ianle McPla.

I don’t think this system was designed with me in mind.

Carno Aspon

hmmm don’t like it. not sure why but it just doesn’t do it for me

Todbe Rocom.

I suspect I would be a communications officer on one of the doomed Death Stars, from the sound of it. Or whatever equates to a red shirt in the Star Wars universe.

Or maybe Lobot’s cousin-by-circuitry.

Phille Maphi

Just great: My real first name is Phil and my real last really is a simple Italian name anyway!

Pauin Babri

Hmmm…nope, can’t say I care for it too much.

Camfu Reste

That’s the system I learned. Maybe we learned the SWIV version and this is the Prequel version? Anyhoo, my Star Wars name is…Davmi Lasav.