Star Wars, they should really try to breed out force sensitivity

Seriously has anyone in that universe ever noticed that every so often there get to be enough force sensitives and then they split into two groups and have a war? They should really try eliminating them altogether, seems like it would be best for everyone involved.

I heard they invented a midichlorian vaccine, but it wasn’t very popular because it was giving the younglings autism.

Popular or not, it was administered to everyone; I’m quite sure of it. Why, I remember back when folks came around mistakenly thinking my perfectly ordinary kids hadn’t gotten their shots yet! Oh, it is to laugh! Naturally, they realized their mistake upon hearing that these aren’t the kids you’re looking for.

Means of Power (such as The Force) become incredibly desirable to families and organizations that want to obtain and maintain Power. Hence if you don’t have it, you try to get it.

And the whole Jedi-Sith thing is too Black and White for the real world. It would be a tool for incredible levels of factionalism in a universe that large and diverse, many of whom wouldn’t give a crap about either the Jedi or the Sith other than in how they affect their own little fiefdoms.

How many force sensitives were “in the wild” so to speak in the prequel era? The movie seems to suggest that at least in republic space any that are born are snatched up to be raised as jedi, how voluntary that is arguable. But outside the republic that doesn’t happen, makes you wonder what happens there, like is force sensitivity a desirable thing in a spouse?

I wonder what sort of responses you’d get if you replaced the words “Force sensitive” with “Religious” in the OP, and posted it in Great Debates?

/Handwave ‘You find me unbelievably sexy and wish to join my harem’

Yes, once you meet them you will find force sensitivity a desirable thing in a spouse :cool:.

In fact, I’d think that both force sensitivity and force-suggestibility would be selected for, absent any organizations like the jedi culling the most force sensitive from the breeding population.

By sending Droid Owls?

You’ve been accepted to Yoda’s School of Jedi!

more apt would be something genetic… like gingers…

I believe you mean, “Accepted to Yoda’s school of Jedi you have been!”

Is that a sneak-peak into the new trilogy?Are you JJ?

The Jedi took all of them but did cull their less sensitive people. They didn’t get to be actual Jedi “Knights” (didn’t pass the trials), but used their lesser skills for less Force related things. Luke changed all that though. No kidnapping kids (and no there was no choice in the matter before then); he went out in search of adults.

Doesn’t the whole prohibition on Jedi marrying pretty much work towards breeding them out anyway? Well, other than Ki Adi Mundi who got a special dispensation to go back to his planet and breed like a rabbit.