Stargate; Season 9; Premiere {spoilers}

I was ready to dislike the change in cast. I grew with the team and they are family. I don’t want outsiders messing it up.

What worked well is that Mitchell was brought in and had the same feeling of betrayal. The team left?! I have to get them back together. I felt better because he was us.

Mitchell’s wise-cracking is like O’Neill’s but I do feel the writer’s giving him his own personality. I especially liked him yelling at Teal’c - “Hey, bullets bounce” and Teal’c smiles.

Vala is grating. She seems like a cheap attempt at sex appeal to a demographic, but there is a glimmer that she is playing the proper part of a snake-oil-saleswoman. Dress to seduce the suckers and use every advantage to get what you want. I do like her ascerbic sarcasm.

General Landry I worried about. But he id’d Mitchell and handled Vala well. And his chemistry with O’Neill made me feel he was taking care of the team.

I felt the writer’s spent time developing each existing and new character. A good catchup on what had happened. This story is a simple puzzle but the main focus is getting us to know the characters and getting them to know each other and I like that.

I like what Claudia Black’s doing with Vala. It helps that I absolutely adored her in Farscape – she brings a very funny, sarcastic bent to a show that was getting overly serious lately. Her comment about Daniel and Mitchell face-to-face (something about an interesting, if limited, gene pool) absolutely cracked me up, and so did some of her throwaway lines (“Didn’t we, boys?”).

I’m with you on Col Mitchell. I was unaware that everyone in the old cast would basically have moved on to other positions within the SGC or research areas, and I liked the way they used him to pull some of them back together.

Believe it or not, I think what bugged me the most was the new opening credits – they butchered the theme and made it one of those “5 second” thingies!

Seconded. :slight_smile:

It’s so much fun seeing her and Ben on screen together again! And I like the way that her character plays off Daniel.

It’s really great to see Ben Browder and Claudia Black again, but I could do without Beau Bridges. Stargate: Atlantis has added Mitch Pileggi to its cast. I wish they’d put him in Stargate: SG-1 instead. I can’t buy Beau Bridges as a commanding officer.

I have to say I’m overall pleased, waiting to be knocked out.

Beau Bridges: “Everyone here is good. But I like to yell at people.”

Browder’s character definitely takes the lead in a new direction.

Varla (?) is a huge addition.

This is taking a martini and turning it into a gimlet. (I have no idea if this is right - what I mean is the show is really taking a turn, and it could be a great one.)

Face it, folks. Another year of the same could have killed this show. The bold changes made now could give it another 8 years.

Which is a good thing.

I didn’t take to Stargate (TV) at first, and gave it a miss for many years, until Sci-fi Friday roped me back into it. I caught all of last season, and I’m slowly catching up on backstory with Sci-fi’s daily installment and their Stargate Monday.

So I caught all of last season, and I must say, I’m lovin’ the new season already (being a mildly rabid Farscape fan helps).

Seeing Claudia Black playing significantly different role than Aeryn Sun has jacked up my respect for her a notch.

Beau Bridges’ “Gen Landry” may be worlds apart personality-wise from Don Davis’ “Gen Hammond,” but he still nailed the “General-grade Officer” archetype well.

I taped the wrong channel last Friday :smack: :smack: :smack: and finally got around to watching last night. So please, somebody, what happened?

**** Episode Synopsis (I’ll try) **** Spoiler Warning **** Official Synopsis: Lt. Col. Mitchell , the newest member of the SG-1 team, sets out on a mission with Daniel Jackson, Teal’c and Vala to uncover a stash of ancient riches. Official Synopsis

Personal: Gen. Landry feels good as the wise general who can size up people. Mitchell felt good because he, like I, felt betrayed that SG-1 team members moved on to other opportunities and he went to talk them back onto the team. I felt he made himself an extension of the audience. His personality is wise-cracking like O’Neill’s but more an eager, unjaded puppy type than O’Neill. Vala is loved by Farscape fans, but I haven’t seen enough to have developed a rapport. [sub]( FYI, don’t tell anyone, but I haven’t seen FireFly at all, either :wink: ) [/sub]As long as they play Vala as a con artist who is using that skin tight outfit as intimidation and not as an appeal to a demographic, I think she can evolve into a complex character. The plot is “visiting what the other characters are doing now”, and “solving a puzzle related to the Arthurian legends”. It’s a nice intro into how the characters relate to one another. I like Mitchell’s enthusiasm, but worried that too much eargerness would get old. However when Teal’c tried to shoot out a door and Mitchell responded, “Woah, woah, bullets bounce!” I could see that his boyish character could be tempered by a realistic evaluation of the situation. Since he leads the team he can wise-crack, but he must make smart decisions and be a credible leader.

Thanks, at least I can watch the next episode with an idea about what is going on.


My old roommate and fellow Farscape addict called me last Saturday to let me know that Ben Browder and Claudia Black were on Stargate now.

A day late.


So I’m watching it this week. I have no idea what’s going on, but my husband gets a glimpse into my love of Ben Browder and Claudia Black - regardless of what characters they play.

I’ve heard good things about Stargate, so I look forward to adding a Sci-Fi show back to my lineup.

And hey, anything that gets Claudia Black into the U.S. is a good thing. (I tried to convince a friend to hire her for his show, but he didn’t seem as enthralled by her or Farscape as my roommate and I were…:D).

Thanks for the synopsis.