Stargate SG-1 22 June: Series Finale

Now that is a series finale. We got to see what might happen if they really did ultimately fail and die, but (surprise) the good guys came through in the end. Sure, some things were left unfinished, but why preclude movies, miniseries, one-shot specials, etc.?

Beat the hell out of many series finales.

Allright, I’ve been away for a while. I’ve allways loved Stargate, but I’ve had trouble since…Richard Dean Anderson has become a background figure and the Goa’uld (or however it’s spelt) are no longer their enemy. I just have not gotten into the auri (or however its spelt.). I’m not a big fan of that sexy new brunette. I didn’t like Dr. Jackson going all magic on me. So just tell me, where are they these days? What would get me interested again?

Well, I’m just now finishing up Season 9 on DVD. Literally, I just started watching Camelot as I type this post. This, by the way, is pretty much the way I’ve watched this entire show. So I’ll bump this thread in a year or so or whenever they release Season 10 on DVD (though I guess I could get it on iTunes if I really wanted it right now.)

I’d say that Stargate has the opposite version of villian creep. Lots of series introduce a badass enemy and then nerf them (see the Borg) while Stargate introduces a bad-ass villian, but while never nerfing any of the enemies instead they have technological creep upwards for our heroes. I realize they had to bring in a new villian, but the Ori are invisible jerks and don’t really have the style of the Goa’uld.

I’m not that impressed. Sure, it was epic and obviously had a bigger effects budget, but… Shouldn’t a series finale tie up some loose ends? Any loose ends?

I was wondering why they were spending most of the final season on one-shot episodes. I’m disappointed. (And mad at Sci-Fi’s misleading and spoilery advertising, but that’s a different issue.)

Apparently they did what they were planning on doing ever since season 4, or whenever the series was basically on year-to-year on whether or not it’d be renewed. They’re apparently going to be making movies–whether they’re supposed to be released in movie theaters or just on TV I’m not sure–and the first one is going to finish off the Ori storyline.

It was a great episode, but they didn’t wrap up anything which is fine, especially if they plan on making movies. It will be interesting to see how the Asgard technology plays out in the future, and hopefully they bring back O’neill and Hammond for the movies.

Plus, this isn’t a show where they SHOULD wrap stuff up, regardless of whether or not they’re making movies. They’re explorers, they should be going through the gate on another mission, just like they’d be doing if there was a next week’s episode.

This hasn’t ever held the same place for me as Farscape, but I’m still sad over last night’s show. It’s bittersweet. But it was well written (especially for SG-1 - where I’ve always loved the actors, but the writing has left a bit to be desired), the music montage was excellent, and there were a couple of scenes that absolutely killed me. I’m sorry to see the show go.

(And yeah, I’m glad we got a little taste of Daniel/Vala…;)).

It would have been a decent normal episode, but for a series finale? Almost no loose ends were tied up and the way they wrote off the Asgard was pretty cavalier and didn’t make much sense. (If the Asgard were going to give Earth all their technology, how about a few of those Asgard dreadnaughts as well?) Couldn’t the Asgard have just gone into stasis and asked the humans to work on the problem for a few thousand years?

So, the humans are the fifth race, eh? We never did meet the fourth race, did we?

Yeah, the Furlings were never actually met. I could see it in a movie.

This was a season finale. The series was cancelled, and noone rescued it. There will be some SG-1 people guesting in SGA. I don’t think that it was written as a season finale.

Now you’re just talking crazy!

It was a good ep, but I think after watching for the last 7 years (I got into it a bit late) I think the fans deserved a bit more. I like how things keep going, but there is a lot of unresolved storyline with the Orisi ascension and what not. Plus, Valla never got back into her pirate leathers, for shame. :slight_smile:

I liked it except I thought the old age makeup was exceptionally badly done.

Maybe the makeup people forgot they weren’t creating Priors. :slight_smile:

As others have said, it was just meh for a series finale. I like the Asgard giving their technology to us although it felt a bit too ‘rushed’ for me. At first I figured that the Asgard had somehow lured the Ori ships to the planet so they could take some of them out when they blew themselves up. But then all of a sudden the Ori could track them via the Asgard energy signature or something. That didn’t make a lot of sense. I like that they’re going to have a couple of movies to help wrap things up.

Still, a good series that I’ve enjoyed for a lot of years. I’ll miss it. Atlantis just doesn’t have the same zing to it for me.
Oh, and the 10th season DVD’s will be available sometime in July, so no having to wait over a year for them to come out.

Oh, was I pissed when Sci-Fi gave FARSCAPE the shaft. But when I heard that they were doing it again to a great show (yeah, it had its moments of “meh” but still), I thought my head was going to explode, esp. after seeing all the other tripe that’s on there. Wrestling? WTF? Really, REALLY bad B-movies…no, C-movies like “Ice Spiders”?

If it wasn’t for Dr Who and Eureka coming back next month I’d remove the channel from my telly listing.

I was really hoping that the last episode of SG1 would be directed by DeLuis- that guy obviously loves the show, and I love every episode he directs. I was also hoping that he’d have a small cameo in the episode, but noooo…

It’s actually a shame that Atlantis is the show that’s continuing. I despise the Wraith as bad guys- they’re just so damned ridiculous. I thought the Ori were so much more interesting and frightening- hell, they make the Goauld look lame by comparison.

I’m a little late to the thread, but I didn’t want to visit and run the risk of being spoilered until I had a chance to see it.

Count me in as another really big fan who was disappointed with the finale. I don’t see too many shows through to the end, but I know that many shows try to intentionally end without a definite conclusion (we all know about the Sopranos) but there’s a big difference between “open-ended” and a forced conclusion. On the one hand, I knew there was no quick and dirty way for this show to prematurely wrap up its many details after it was cancelled. On the other hand, I felt the episode was too farfetched … nice premise, terribly executed, and I don’t just mean the hokey makeup. I don’t think the way to handle saying goodbye to the characters is to have them (as Mitchell said) spending every waking hour of the rest of their lives with each other in order to force them closer together. I also don’t think Thor’s last hurrah would be the equivalent of saying “eh, gotta fly”, then beaming away back his about-to-self-destruct homeworld just because the Ori crashed the party. My head is spinning with the clusterfuckness of that one. I know the Asgard probably did it to prevent their assets from falling into the wrong hands, but it was a terribly rushed and undignified fate for such a unique and pivotal race. Gotta admit though, I loved Shanks’ quip in the beginning to Vala about how he’s able to tell the Asgard apart after she commented that they all look the same. “The voice,” he says. I laughed. For those who don’t know, Shanks plays the voice of Thor. :smiley:

I was hoping for some hints to be dropped about where the story might go in the next series (Stargate Universe), or at the very least, some clues about the two feature films (‘Ark of Truth’ which will tie up the Ori story, and ‘Continuum’ which is, yes, another time travel story) which are in post-production as we speak, being readied for release next year. There’s even been some speculation that if these two films garner some praise and attention, they won’t be the only ones, and that there is a possibility for other feature-length sequels. Supposedly, production for the new series will begin immediately following the end of production on the films, and won’t involve any of the old cast, but will still be set in same timeline. It’s slated for a late 2008 premiere (and I might be the only Stargate Doper following this, so maybe I’ll post on it when more concrete news is available).

As for Atlantis, I won’t be hatin’ on it like some do. I don’t mind it carrying the torch, even if the Wraith aren’t The Greatest Bad Guys Ever. The characters have a good chemistry and balance which still feels fresh, whereas the chemistry on SG-1 always worked, but felt labored and perhaps a bit wooden in recent years. As much as I love the SG-1 characters, they all became much more deadpan in their delivery, whereas the Atlantis cast seems more animated, diverse, and dynamic. I look forward to seeing how the “relationship” between Carter and McKay goes when she crashes the party at Atlantis … ought to be fun. :slight_smile:

So, uh, wasn’t there an Asgard on board the Odyssey to run the hyperdrive and stuff? What happened to him?

I am disappointed iun the resolution as well. They spent 50 years in a time dilation bubble but weren’t able to just get the shields back online so they could take a few more hits and zap the Orii ship? Several of the season finales (the one with the replicators, the one with O’Neall firing up the ancient weapon in Antarctica, even the one with the time-travelling ZPM) have been better.

Yeah, thanks for pointing that one out. Another botched detail. I guess the quick fix answer was that the transplanted Asgard computer core conveniently took care of all those hyperdrive navigation details … ? :rolleyes: If nothing else, this episode proves SG-1’s continuity mojo was in a death spiral.

Also true. I wasn’t into it at all, and not just because it wasn’t suspenseful and I knew they weren’t going to take any risks with the story, but because it became overly hokey and farfetched … the contrived hookup between Daniel and Vala didn’t help either, with Shanks’ overly theatric tantrum about his lack of trust in her. Where the hell did that come from? Was that Daniel? I was waiting for the whites of his eyes to glow and his voice to drop an octave. That was not Daniel Jackson; he never, ever loses his cool (especially over something like that) and part of the whole appeal of the two of them was that Daniel was so fundamentally turned off by her character that he could never be physically attracted to her. Hard to believe, as smokin’ as she is, but that’s what made it so dysfunctional. So much for that angle! One wonders why they didn’t clumsily hook up Mitchell and Carter while they were on a roll …

I haven’t seen a rushed sci-fi romance this bad since Riker and Troi, but even that was Shakespearean compared to this. If Claudia Black’s reaction wasn’t acted as well as it was, that whole scene would’ve been even more painful to watch. Love conquers all, I guess, including established character traits. :rolleyes:

I liked it, I would have liked to have seen a little more resolution of the Ori storyline–at least as far as they handled smacking down the Goauld in various seasons (i.e., smacked them down a bit, but many of them are still a threat).

The Asgard storyline was waaaayyyy too rushed.

Felt like the episode before the last episode.
And one other thing–why wouldn’t Stargate do a 2-hour series finale? That would have allowed them to solve a lot of problems.