Stargate SG-1 fans in the house?

Hey, I cannot be the only one addicted to this show- been watching for a couple of years now. As a matter of fact, the only reason I got showtime in the first place was to get the show.

Looking forward to tonight’s second of a two parter.

Well-written, well drafted and often quite clever shows.

I think my current favorite is the one where Earth’s new alliance with a “too-good-to-be-true” species which looks really great for us for about half of the episode is revealed to be a clever strategy where the aliens take over new worlds so slowly (by clausing infertility and a negative population growth) that by the time too many people figure it out, its too late. A great episode all around.

Well, don’t leave me hanging out here, what are your thoughts?


I love that show, but because of the time it airs around here (Sunday at midnight???), I hardly ever get to watch it. I would like to get a DVD set so I can watch the whole series in order. They also show reruns a couple of times a week, so in theory, I could catch up that way (by staying up until 1 am), but they seem to be out of order.

Stargate SG-1, one of the only shows I watch. I started watching it in the 3rd season, great show.
elf6c: The episode you mention, I’m assume you mean 2001, the one in the fifth season? If you haven’t seen it you need to see 2010 in the late fourth season, it’s the episode that one was based off of.

lolagranola: Season one is out on DVD right now, very good. I also found this great website were you can d/l every episode in 20meg ASF format. Or you could go onto IRC and get every episode in 300-400 meg formats. Very good to see all the episodes till all the DVDs come out.

E-mail me if you want the URL, don’t know if a link to a site like that is allowed on the SDMB, better safe then modded :slight_smile:

Oh, and the site and IRC also have all of season 5 on it, Sky One is the UK is done with the season, I couldn’t wait for showtime to show them. The rest of the season is VERY good, you’ll enjoy it.

I can never figure out when this show is on. I watch it when I find a new episode, but they go from blocks of old episodes to one new episode, then maybe if you’re lucky another new one, and then old ones…it gets really frustrating.

However, I do love the show. It’s getting more complicated now with the Russians and the other government officials; I just hope it doesn’t turn into The X-Files as that show is now.

They came out with Season 1 on DVD last year (June?) and they haven’t released any newer seasons since. That sucks! At least the MAS*H people are letting people know when the next set is coming out.

Swede Hollow: The season 2 DVD box set is currently set to come out in Sept 2002. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened during Season 2 after I bought the Season 1 box set, so I ended up d/l all the Stargate episodes…

A friend of mine used to be majorly hooked on this show. Even flew to Seatlle to see Michael Shanks in a play (alright, she had a definite Shanks obsession). Even started his on-line fan club.

Now she’s into Beastmaster. Fickle fickle fickle.

I love the show too, but since I don’t have cable I can not see the current episodes.

Slight spoiler…

It’s a shame that Michael Shanks is leaving the show. Is Showtime showing episodes without his character? Has he been replaced by anyone?

The episodes currently running on Showtime are the last half of the fifth season. Michael Shanks is still appearing (or at least was on the episodes that aired the last few weeks); IIRC he will be leaving the show at the end of the fifth season, which will also be the last episodes aired on Showtime. The sixth season will be aired on the SCI-FI channel (which I presume still leaves you out of luck Sir Prize). I also read somewhere that the sixth season will be the last.:frowning:

Major Spoilers for end of season 5… BEWARE!

End spoiler space…

Daniel actually leaves on the second to last episode of season 5, episode “Meridian” The last episode doesn’t have him in it.