Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Gorgeous locations, great sets, nice soundtrack.

Oh yeah, SG-1 fights Replicators and the Ori, and wins, of course.

I hope the team appreciates my taking this one for it.

I just saw this as well. I don’t think it was great, but I needed to see the end of the Ori. I didn’t expect the replicators, but it was pretty predictable I think. There just wasn’t anything interesting about it. Terminator replicator was cool I guess.

It is probably not fair for the person that’s choosing to watch the tail end of Aztec Rex to be too critical.

I liked it. But then, I’m easy.

It was fine. It feels like a couple new episodes rather than a movie.

They sure tried to fit a lot into it. They could have shortened some things. It’s been awhile since I watched it, but I remember getting bored watching Teal’c trek across the planet and while watching Ben Browder get the crap beat out of him is dramatic and all, that when on a little too long as well, and felt a bit gratuitous.

I still liked it though, and I wouldn’t mind at all if they managed to squeeze some more of these mini-series type films out of the network.

I can’t imagine what new enemy they could come up with though. Galactus?

The Borg!!!

When was this? Did I miss something?

Stargate:The Ark of Truth was a direct-to-DVD release last March. I have a copy, but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Stargate: Continuum will be issued on DVD in late July.

I had no idea. I knew it was coming but I assumed it would be on SciFi.

Our friend got it on pay-per-view and we watched it over at his house. There were a few things that we thought were rather hokey, but on the whole not too bad.

I liked it. Although it did feel like a bit all pushed into the movie. The problem with making a few more of these movies is that they get more and more out of synce with Stargate:Atlantis. Amanda Tapping has been on that show for this entire past season, yet here we find her back with SG:1 as if nothing at all was going on. I don’t know anything about the plot of Continuum, so I’ll suppose I’ll see how they handle it.

And were I in charge of the SGC, I’d be mighty tempted to let the Ori toast a few Ancients. That whole “we’re evolved so we’ll let you lesser creaturs fight our battles and die” routine would get old. But then I suppose that’s the point of those characters.

On another note, in the extra’s on the DVD, when the actors were all at a convention, Michael Shanks was notable in his absence. But I don’t recall really seeing him doing any other work. So is he just above the Con circiut? Or busy doing something else?

I don’t remember where I heard it, but I did hear he’s a bit snooty, so he might consider himself above doing cons.

I think I’ve heard the same thing. What makes it hysterical for me is that the only reason he was brought back on the show was because of fan pressure. So hey, way to thank them by showing up at a couple of cons now and then.

It was a fun watch, but nothing deep - which I’ve kind of come to expect from SG1. When we first started watching it (post-Farscape), one of my husband’s comments was “Do they actually DO anything, or do they just sit around a conference table and discuss what they’re doing?” .

Even so, it was good to have it back, even for two hours. I thought the Adria/Morgan Le Fey stuff was a bit contrived and looked like a fireworks show gone awry, but for the most part, it was a good watch due to the scenery.

It was orginal to be released last fall and is set before joins the PEgasus Expditon.

I was somewhat disappointed. It was fun to have some new Stargate but it just didn’t catch my interest.

It seemed very predictable and formulaic. They fought the bad guys and won, but nothing really interesting happened.

To be fair, the show got canceled before they could tie off some important plots, so this was intended to tie things off, rather than introduce new stuff.

I saw him at Dragon Con last year, along with his wife (Lexa Doig), Claudia Black, Chris Judge, Paul McGillon, Corin Nemec, Jason Momoa, and a few others. He is not as into Dragon Con as Chris Judge, who has been there several years and was once Grand Marshall of the parade, but Shanks was still funny and participated a lot in the panels.

True, but I was still disappointed. You don’t have to introduce new stuff to have an interesting plot.