Started a blog. Help me decide what I should cross post here in the SDBM.

I love you guys, and I would love to write here instead of the blog every time, but I decided to write a bit every day and probably most things will be too mundane to post here. So please, I need your guidance in telling me what, if anything, I should also post here.

BTW, I hardly ever start threads here, I’m really not much in tune with what is accepted / appreciated. Please read my one post so far and comment (here) on what constitutes SDMB material, please. Comments on the writing style are also appreciated, of course.

Thank you. I hope we can get to know each other a bit better. Like I said, I love you guys.

I’d surf the Straight Dope while taking a BM too, if I had a laptop.

Oh…it’s a typo. Never mind. :wink: