Starving Artist: Totally Insane? Or Just Almost?

Can someone please explain this post to me?



Starving Artist is insane. My cite, from the last time I bothered reading anything he wrote, sums up his irrational and totally groundless hatred for liberals. Check out this diatribe outlining how liberals have destroyed America:

The list of things he blames on liberals, from rape to AIDS to the drug problem to gangs, to baby killing, to the Republicans’ inability to find a classy dame to run for VP-- all the fault of liberals. Anyone else care to take on this vomit of idiocy? I sure don’t. And it wouldn’t do any good anyway.

To be ruthlessly fair, those opinions are unreasonable, but they are not irrational.

Its unreasonable, but not irrational, to believe in a vast conspiracy. Such things have happened, they are not unknown.

Believing so because your dog told you so…now that’s insane!

I disagree, because the points that he holds up as having formed his worldview are utterly imaginary; i.e., irrational. That’s the charitable view; on a bad day I call it simple dishonesty. But his blubbery sincerity makes it seem more like crazy than mendacious. Although they’re certainly not mutually exclusive.

I don’t know… saying that, because of the Democrats, women cannot be fashionable, classy, and sophisticated anymore is… it’s crazy. Saying that liberals encouraged gays to spread AIDS? Crazy. I’m sure there are more examples of the crazy, if you can hold your gorge down long enough to read that crap.

Wow, he’s like the conservative Der Trihs.

Don’t forget xtisme and good ol’ humpy. It’s sort of funny how these guys are just starting to realize that Obama may just pull this one out and they are getting more shrill by the minute. The great ACORN conspiracy and Obama the Marxist, indeed.

xtisme is an example of insanity? I think your nutbar detector may be a bit too strongly tuned.

I would tend to say that Starving Artist is politer than Der Trihs. But that would be it, really. It is but a surface difference.

He’s not just talking about one person, He’s talking about everybody. He’s talking about form. He’s talking about content. He’s talking about interrelationships. He’s talking about God, the devil, Hell, Heaven. Do you understand… FINALLY?

I hear the same things S.A. says coming from the mouth of my Reagan-worshipping dad, who believes that Jesus is literally coming back to fix everything and right all wrongs, and that the Democratic party is a Communist front and Bill Clinton is posessed by Satan, that Barack Obama is a crypto-islamist terrorist and possibly the Antichrist.

I’m not saying that S.A. believes these things, but that I hear the same things he says coming from people who do.

I’m just guessing here, but I see a guy married to a lefty feminist for twenty years, and has yet to win an argument.

The quote in question being:

Democracy, since it’s invention in ancient Greece, has coincided with the steady decline of civilization ever since. People who aren’t Democrats are far more classy, as evidenced by Saddam Hussein and Kim Il Jong. If it weren’t for us misbegotten Democrats, everyone alive would be really classy in military uniforms. Like those non-Democrats, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Mao and Stalin.

Oh. So his batting average at home is the same as his batting average here, then?

Every time I see SA go off on his “Liberals ruined the whole world!” rant, I see him as either being 80 years old or having been raised by his John Birch Society grandparents. It’s just such an…old-fashioned way of thinking. Prior to encountering SA on here, I’d thought those accusations had gone extinct as the dinosaurs who believed them died of old age and related infirmities.

I admit I erred when I said that. I was responding to Terrifel’s characterization of my previous post and used his term by way of response. I apologize. I should have said liberals are responsible for the fact that there are so few classy women (and men, for that matter) these days to begin with. :smiley:

Is there really doubt in anyone’s mind that today’s society is much more crass, impolite and vulgar than it was prior to the cultural revolution that began in the late sixties? Hell, many liberals readily acknowledge it themselves but claim it was necessary to eliminate racism, or sexism, or whatever othere ‘ism’ they’re using to excuse it that day.

And on preview, not a conspiracy luci, just likemindedness.

And Ruby, you’re pissin’ me off! And not only that, you’re lying out your ass! Nowhere did I say ‘liberals encouraged gays to spread AIDS’, and nowhere did I say that because of Democrats, women ‘cannot’ be classy. Rather, they are, exactly as I said, repercussions of the influence that leftie ideology has had on this country.

And I stand by every word of that post, and the next person who tries to claim I’m EVIL because I’m gonna vote Republican, is very likely gonna get more of the same.

And Revenant Threshold, I’m not only more polite than Der Trihs, I’m nowhere near as murderous either. You won’t see me hypothetically claiming I’d use whatever superpowers I might gain to kill every liberal I could find. (In fact, in my offscreen life most of my friends are liberals…they’re just not the wacko version that is de riguer around here.)

And jayjay (who believe it or not, I find to be one of the most intellectually honest of leftie posters around here) I would point out that the ‘rant’ Rubystreak posted was my repsponse to being called evil one time too many because of my intention to vote Republican. The thoughts I expressed in that post are mostly thoughts I’ve not expressed around here because I thought that, even though AIDS, drugs, crime, et al. have been the result of liberal influence on society these last few decades, they were, in my mind, the unintentional but inevitable (barring AIDS, that is) consequences of that liberal influence. Basically, I’ve felt that airing them would be hitting below the belt. However, I got hit with this ‘evil’ shit for being a Republican one time too many and thought it would be a good idea to point out the tremendous and very real amount of pain, misery and death that has resulted from liberal influence on this country over the years.

Further, it doesn’t bother me a bit that you find my way of thinking old-fashioned, because it isn’t. You only think so because (media rant follows) people who think as I do get virtually no exposure from the country’s news and entertainment media. But believe me, there are many, many millions out there who feel just as I do. (And you might be surprised to find that many more than you would ever think are college-age or just out of high school. I know a surprising number of them myself. Heartening, it is.) So I wouldn’t be feeling too smug and secure in my belief that anyone who recognizes and resents what liberals have done to this country is just an old fogey. This is that liberal eliteism that right-wing radio guys love to attack. You think that your way of thinking is the only way, save for a few right-wing crackpots. Then you’re astonished when you lose elections or barely win squeakers.

Now, I’m tired of fighting these timeouts so I’ll leave the rest of you to pat yourselves on the back and congratulate each other over the wonderful changes you’ve wrought lo these many decades…or what I like to refer to as ‘The Trailer-Parking of America!’ Good job, guys.

I was under the impression that Der Trihs has said he would like to murder quite a number of people, but that he wouldn’t if he had the chance. Either way, you’re right, it is a difference, and I apologise for inadvertently calling you murderous.

As for your rant, I think i’d tend to draw a difference between most Republicans and yourself. I don’t think you share all the same ideas, and I don’t think that disagree with you is necessarily disagreeing with the entirety of conservative thought. By disagreeing with you i’m not saying that all who aren’t liberal are crackpots. I think also that to dismiss people who believe your way of thinking is old-fashioned because they’re only hearing their side from the news media is a self-congratulatory view of quite massive proportions - you argue that liberals on the board think of their way of thinking as being the only way, while at the same time claiming that the same liberals do not think for themselves and only think what they do because of the media - so if they did not, they’d obviously agree with you to a greater extent, because your way is the only way.

You seem to be pretty smug yourself. I don’t believe that that charge applies to all who think like you, nor all conservatives, nor all Republicans.

Okay, one more post and then I’m out of here.

Thanks for your apology, though to be honest I never felt that you thought of me as a would-be murderous person. I just wanted to point out the extent to which it’s a grievous accusation to say someone is like Der Trihs. :smiley:

You are undoubtedly correct.

How so? I think you’re making a bigger deal out of that statement than it is. I’m merely saying that there are millions of people out there who very likely agree with much of what I’m saying, but people like jayjay are unaware of that because they never (or at least very rarely) see our point of view or our beliefs being aired in the news and entertainment media…or if they do it’s only to portray us as a small coterie of knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers that nobody pays much attention to.

Not so. I’ve never said, nor even thought, that liberals don’t think for themselves. I don’t know where you got that idea. Again, what I’m saying is that liberals tend to think their way is the only way because it seems, based on what they see from the news and entertainment media, that most everyone thinks the same way they do. That’s what I mean by their thinking their way is the only way (at least in terms of this discussion. ;)). In other words, I’m not saying they think their way is the only way a person should think…only that they get the impression from news and entertainment media that their way is how everybody thinks.

Hopefully you don’t feel I’m so smug now that I’ve explained what I meant by my comments.

And now I’m out. Goodnight, all.

It is at that.

Well, my first point was that I don’t think there are that many who’d agree with you - on your general ideals, undoubtedly so, but not on that drug-related deaths are the sole fault of permissive standards set out by liberals, for example. Comparing you to Der Trihs was sort of along those lines; Der Trihs may certainly find there are many people who agree with atheism, but not for labelling of practically all of the American right as racists. It’s possible for someone to disagree with him yet not be slandering all liberals, and disagree with you yet not be slandering all conservatives.

Let me put it this way. If the mainstream media over yonder has a great bias, it’s not likely to report this. So you must have got your information that it is from elsewhere - perhaps from alternate media, from personal experience, perhaps from unbiased information sources (to the extent that’s possible). Taking all of those together, it’s your opinion that the MSM is strongly biased. However, it is likewise your opinion that liberals don’t get to hear any other viewpoints because they only get their news from the MSM - yet they surely have access to the same alternate sources as you do, at least to some extent. And yet they are, according to you, content to listen only to the MSM, it seemingly never crossing their minds to look for these things nor purposefully not seeking them out. That’s where I got my accusation from; not from their only getting information from one place alone, but from your idea that they aren’t looking at other sources for whatever reason.

I’m afraid I still do. It’s not what you believe that makes me think it, but more that while you’re certainly willing to admit your own ideals may not be the one true way, you’re certain in what you see as the flaws of others and seemingly putting yourself above and without them. If it helps at all, i’m guilty of smugness too.

Goodnight, anyway. Although it’s morning here. Bleurgh.

…my biggest problem with Starving Artist? The bastard still owes me a beer! :mad:

Starving Artist is not insane at all, just mistaken if he really believes all that he says he believes. He’s also very talented and his interests indicate an intelligence that doesn’t spend all of its time asleep or at the computer.

But keep in mind, S.A., that I am one of those Democrat Babes. Don’t hurt me.