State of MD puts up web site to help MD consumers get best deal on prescriptions

Maryland drug pricing database In trying it out the price variations are pretty astounding for pharmacies in my area.

Yeah, but if the company in question didn’t provide a price, there’s nothing to compare it to. Also, ponder this: pharmacies are only paid a percentage of the cost of a medication on Medicaid. The prices are based on submissions to Medicaid. Therefore, you really probably don’t have an accurate guideline, because unscrupulous pharmacies will raise their prices when submitting to Medicaid, hoping to get back more in return. Shady, and illegal, yes, but I’m sure there are some places that do it.

Also, Medicaid in MD is now following a pretty strict formulary. So a lot of drugs won’t be listed, as well.

Hate to burst the bubble, but it’s not as helpful as it seems. Your best best to find your prescriptions at a good price is to comparison shop. And don’t be afraid to check out mom’n’pop stores. Just because they aren’t giant facilities doesn’t mean they don’t get their drugs from the same place as Wal-Mart or Target, therefore making the playing field a little more even.